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Red Lip: Yes or No?

By 11:23 AM

(Yes I drew this, and yes you may laugh!)

I've long been debating the whole red lips debate in my head cause as much as people get on board with it, I just don't think it's something I'll ever be able to love!

I think I have a thing about the colour red, when it comes to beauty. I don't mind red clothing, or red pens, I have a red i-pod, but when it come to straight down the middle pillar box red and beauty, it's like a no go zone with me! I think I've mentioned numerous times that I don't like red nail varnish and as for red lips, don't even get me started.

I get that they look good on other people, like Taylor Swift for instance. And when it comes to skin tones, I'm not far off Taylor, I'd just say I have a bit more for lack of a better word, red to mine, or warmness you might say. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind my make-up standing out, like, I love a good smoky and bold eye, I could wear that look all the time. But for the lips, sorry, I think I'll always be a pink and nude girl at heart.

I was trying out bolder colours last night, because I have a few bold shade, and I think I'm ok with a berry colour, but I still felt out of my comfort zone. I tried the one product I have (I didn't buy it!) that has a red tone to it and I just didn't like the look at all! I think the boldest lipstick I have is MAC Crosswires, but I don't even use that too often!

What are your thoughts on the Red lips debate? Are you a yes or a no? Let me know in comments!

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