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The Nail Artist Paint Palette

By 1:37 PM ,

I found myself with an hour to hand the other day, so I decided to turn nail varnish creator and mix myself some of my own nail colours. Check out my lovely scrawl!

Having never really tried to do this before, I decided just to have a really good practice and paint my creations onto some fake nails. I started using some older and spare colours, before using some of my more used colours.

To mix my colours, I first started by doing a bit of research online and found this really useful article on MrKate.Com, so I used their suggestion of using a paper plate for a paint palette.

For mixing my colours, I had a washed out empty bottle of my top coat and so I poured some nail polish remover into the bottle, so I could always clean the brush off after mixing, by swirling the bottle around. I found this to be helpful along with drying off the excess on a cotton wool ball.

You really don't need a lot of nail polish to create enough to cover 10 nails. I found that I only needed a small drop and that was plenty, I had lots to spare. I put a few drops of each colour on the paper plate and then just mixed it all together.

I came up with some really great shades, by experimenting with glitter and colours. I really like the green colour I made with blue glitter, it's very reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann Mermaid Dream.

I have watch a literal ton of Doctor Who lately, so I made some colours inspired by the show including a Tardis Blue and a Torchwood Colour.

What's great about mixing colours, is that you get something totally individual and sometimes, what you don't expected to work, just creates an amazing shade.

So grab some polish and get creative! Let me know in comments if you come up with some great combos!!

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