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Miss GlossyBox September/October 2013 Review

By 12:23 PM

When I first got the latest MissGlossy Box, I literally thought there was nothing in it, because it was so light! Well, let's just say, I think this box has to be my favourite so far! I love the yellow bag too, so let's just delve right in!

September/October 2013 Box Stats:
BeautyUK Posh Pout in Corally Incorrect (£2.99 - Full Size)
NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Times Square (£1.79 - Full Size)
NYC Show Time Nail Art Striper (I can't actually get a price but it's full size)
Skinetica Anti-Blemish Gel (£0.87 - 10ml(?) Sample Size - Price taken from full size)
JVG Soft Touch Eyeliner in 10 (£6.95 - Full Size)
Killer Queen by Katy Perry Perfume (£0.57 - 1.5ml Sample Size - Price taken from full size)
Mirror (No Price - Full Size)

Overall, this box comes to £13.17, but this is without the NYC Nail Art Striper, which I cannot find a price for for the life of me! I have also had to judge the Skinetica sample size as it's not written on the bottle, so it could be more. All product in italics I have tested.

Killer Queen By Katy Perry

As much as I got annoyed by last months perfume sample, I actually really got excited when I saw this one, as it's very recent. From looking at the ingredients on the little card, it actually seemed like my kind of perfume. It was quite strong at first, but once it settles, it smells really pretty, definitely a perfume I would wear. This is going in my bag!

NYC Nail Polish in Times Square and NYC Nail Art Striper in Silverism

They obviously know me too well, as I love a good nail polish. I actually love the NYC polishes, althought I swear I own one called Times Square already that is a different colour, but maybe they discontinued it (I DO, you can see it here). As much as I don't love red on my nails, I do like the colour of this polish, it's a more pinky red, then red red (I actually like the colour red!!! Just not on my face!). I love the nail art striper, as silver is definitely a colour I use a lot in nail art. I can't actually find this on the internet though, unless I haven't looked hard enough.

Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution

Skinetica is not a brand I have heard of, but I love anything that you can put on spots to reduce them. It claims to banish blemishes in 2-3 days and can be used as a make-up base too. I do feel something brewing in my eyebrow (of all places!), so I might test drive this.

JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner in 10

Again JvG is not a brand I have heard of, but you really can never have too many eyeliners, although we did get on in the first box too! This has a nice tip for application and draws a nice line. It does claim to be long lasting and waterproof, which I like the sound of, as I always have trouble with eyeliner imprinting on my brow bone from my eyelid. I'm looking forward to trying this in a look.

Beauty UK Posh Pout

I love a chunky crayon for lips! Although this has coral in the name, it does lead more towards red and while it says it's a tinted lip balm, you get a lot of colour payoff. It is a nice item though but if your not a fan of mint flavours, stay well clear (I do though!).


As an extra freebie, you get a pocket mirror, which is good for me as I am forever loosing or breaking these things and their just handy. This one has the cover to Gabrielle Aplin's album on, which is something I have been wanting to listen to for ages, but constantly forget!

Final Thoughts:
I actually really like this months box! There are a lot of items I can actually see myself using, which is good. My favourite are the nail polishes and the perfume sample. While I love the eyeliner, this is similar to the first box and the colours of the products are sticking to a similar colour palette of reds, wherever as some pinker tones and nuder tones, would be good too! But generally, I was considering cancelling after this one, but I think I'm gonna stick it out, after the success of this bag!

Update on July/August Bag:
I still have yet to use the V05 volume spray! I loved the Miss Patisserie Starlight Macaroon Bath Fizzy, they were really nice in my bath! I used the Kiss Nail Wraps and did a whole post on them here as part of my August blogging spree! The Beyonce perfume sample is still sat with my other perfumes but I did use it one day I think, while the lashes are in the bin, as they were useless! I decided to try practice with them one day and they just didn't stick at all. Rubbish!

What do you think of the September/October box? Let me know in comments!

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