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My Current Wishlist

By 7:05 PM

First off, sorry if my posting is a bit off and on - I am currently back at work so I am a bit busy, but I'm hoping to for future times, set some posts to post automatically during the week! Today, I thought I would share with you the current products that are on my mental wishlist. I love making a wishlist and while a lot of the time, I don't get most of the products on it, it's just nice to wish! Plus mental shopping is a lot cheaper than physical shopping - you have endless funds for starters!

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2013
That's it, I just want all of the collection lol OPI is by far my favourite nail varnish brand and while the bottles might not be as cheap, you get a lot for the money and the quality is great! I wasn't too impressed with the San Francisco Collection, but when I saw the Holiday Collection, that was right up my alley! There are a lot of reds in the collection, but my eyes, naturally being a magpie, were drawn right to the glitters and liquid sands polishes! Nail Polish Direct has them in for £7.95 a bottle, but I think I'll keep my eyes out on Ebay, QVC and Asos. Having seen swatches, I would love My Favourite Ornament, Wonderous Star, All Sparkly and Gold, and really any of the Liquid Sands ones!

Combat Boots
I have been wanting a pair of combat boots for ages, but while I love a lot of boots, I am actually fussy as to how they look. I don't like the toes too pointy, not one for big heels and the hardware has to look right too. While I'm pretty lazy when it comes to shoes (most of mine are pull on!) I want a really nice pair of tie up combat boots. I don't want any that are too short and I don't want any that hug the legs, I want them to be quite wide at the top. I like this pair and this pair from New Look, but I really like these on Ebay. Either that, or a nice pair of Chelsea Boots.

I love me some jumpers whatever time of year, but this time is perfect! I seem to be quoting the whole of the New Look website, but I just bloody love New Look! I love sporty style sweaters like this Hudson and Rose one, but I like knitted ones like this fox print one, this Rose Printed One and this cute slogan one. I also love batwing style ones like this one.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner
For some reason, whenever I apply eyeliner to my waterline, my eyes just run like made and that makes it patchy as hell. I've heard really good things about the Rimmel liners, so I wouldn't mind trying them in bronze or taupe for the daytime and purple for a night look.

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