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What's In My Bag September 2013

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I just sorted out my bag into my new Autumn bag, I will not show you what came out of it!! Let's just say everything I bought over the past month was probably in there in receipt form! My bag for Autumn is by Nica. I love this brand so much, I have two other bags from them. This is the Mushroom Jessica Shoulder bag and should have been £49, but my sister got it for me in the Fiorelli store in Cheshire Oaks for £14.70!!! Bargain much! It has a zip main section and two pop shut sections either side. So what's in my bag?

First off, I have my make-up bag that stays in my bag. This is a little Clinque bag, but I think it's too heavy even without stuff in it! Here's a bit of what I keep in here:

I always have nail varnish remover pads on me, in case I get a bad chip at work, I can't stand chipped polish!!! Same goes with nail files! I also keep tissues, wipes, blotting paper and translucent powder, as well as some perfume in a atomiser and a hair band. Do not want to get stuck in situation where my band break mid day (it happens!).

Next up is a little notepad. I use this to write my shopping lists in when I go to town, but it's always useful to have some paper, you never know when you might need it. Keys of course, otherwise I would be locked out when I get home (this isn't always true though as a few years back, came home from work, was going on the works do that night, key broke in lock! Had to sit on the step for an hour till my Dad came home! Luckily, I had a magazine!). Purse - again another given, this one is a beauty from Primark. My purse always seems to way a ton because I seem to be a magnet for change!

A little mirror - this comes in handy. I got this from The Beauty Closet, it's such a pretty little thing! Next is my little ID wallet, which I use for my library card and any tokens/vouchers (I currently have some nice Boots ones in there!). This handy for the library cause I don't have to take my purse out and cards don't come out of my purse easily (held up the Superdrugs queue the other day when my beauty points card wouldn't come out!). Pens - you can never have enough pens in your bag and if your like me, they easily wander. Make sure to keep the lids on properly, mine leaked like a mother in my last bag!

A nice little body spray is again a handy thing to have for a quick blast of freshness. I don't exactly do a lot of moving in my job sometimes, but every one sweats FACT! Lipgloss/lipstick, usually whichever I'm using on that day. A good thing to do is to not take it out of your bag when you get home and then the next day you have to wear something different, although you end up with five in your bag by the end of the work week. Lip balm is a nice thing too, just to slick on.

I so love love love my diary. It's from the Gorjuss brand which I think is just beautiful, I just love the drawing style and everything it's just me. I don't really use my diary too much but it's handy. My iPod comes with me everywhere and I have a nice little Accessorize purse to keep it in some it doesn't get damaged. I get dropped off at work most mornings, but I always walk home, so it's nice to have some tunes. I just got an iPhone last month and I haven't got a case I love yet for it, but I like to make extra sure that it's safe in my bag by putting it in a phone sock, again another Gorjuss product (do they do iphone cases???).

And that's it. Well, I say it, it's a lot really, I'm thinking of swapping out my make-up bag for something smaller and more flimsy, so it can just squash in there lol.

What do you keep in your bag or what bag are you using at the moment Let me know in comments.

**If that image at the top rotates to quickly or doesn't loop, let me know if you'd like individual images in the comments or on twitter. I'm experimenting!**

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