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Kelly Brook for New Look Nail Polish in "Regal Richies" Review

By 10:37 AM ,

I feel I start every post apologising for not posting but this week I have a good excuse - I have a rather magnificent cold! I'm hoping it goes by tomorrow as I am going somewhere exciting this week, so fingers crossed. And this is a nice segway into today's item.

This is the item I forgot to post in my recent haul. I am forever tempted by the nail polishes in New Look, as in my store, they are right next to the till, so they are pretty hard to pass. I really like the Kelly Brook for New Look Nail Polishes, because the bottles are really cute and they have some really great individual colours. I could have bought a few more, but I went for Regal Richies. I really love the other shade I own which is Surf's Up. And at £2.99 for 10ml bottle, it's really inexpensive. And as far as I can tell, it is a 5-free polish!

This is one of those really beautiful polishes that seem different colours depending on the light. I can definitely see the red and blue running through this purple.

As you can see it's a really sheer colour (this is 3 coats I believe), but I can imagine this to be a fantastic layering polish over other colours, especially purples and blacks, and the real sparkle will show through. It's very reminiscent of Fantasy Fire by Max factor, but not as much colour changing and a more blue toned purple.

Have you tried any of the other Kelly Brook Nail Polishes from New Look (there was a very very nice lime green!)? Let me know in comments.

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