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Mini Haul: Rimmel + Lush

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I went into town last week with a friend and has such a great time shopping and trying on lots of lovely clothes! I did get some clothes but nothing interesting enough to post about lol! I also got one other item that I will not mention, purely cause the idiot in me forgot to take a picture of it! But it worked out for the good, because I want to compare it to something else! Let's start with Lush:

I went into Lush with a plan, because basically, if you don't, you come out with a Butt load. I ran out of my favourite Mask of Magnaminty and for one minute, looking on the site, I thought it had been discontinued, but I was just looking under the wrong section! I also got a charity sized pot of there Charity Pot. I get taken in by these everytime and I have three now, but there handy for holidays and things like that. I'm just taking a look at the site now and GREAT NEWS - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL IS BACK!!! I need some more Ocean Salt soon, but if a tub of Let The Good Times Roll accidently falls in my bag, so be it (not stealing it you understand!).

I mentioned in my recent wishlist that I wanted to get some of the Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliners so I picked up two in Black and Bronze. I wanted to get the nude toned one, but some lovely person before me had decided that it was apparently a sample and broke the tip. These eyeliner are insane! They solved all my waterline issues, it felt like I was drawing on my waterline with a sharpie, no constant running back and forwards, just one neat line and great colour payoff.

Rimmel has an offer on in Superdrug and Boots at the moment, where if you spend £10, you get something free (more on that in a mo!), so I decided to pick up one of the Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blushes in Pink Rose. This is such a pretty shade, I think it could be a universal all round shade for everyone. I wish Rimmel did more blushes and they only had two shades of this in mt Superdrug. I'd love Santa Rose! What I loved most about this was the payoff, because sometimes, I can be brushing at my cheek for ages and nothing appears, but I don't get that with this.

And finally, that offer. When you spend £10 you get a free Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara worth £6.99. I love the original ScandalEyes Mascara, so I'm hoping I love this too, but I'm saving it as I have a few others to use at the moment.

What are your favourite Rimmel and Lush products at the moment? Let me know in comments.

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  1. I'm in absolute LOVE with Mask of Magnaminty! Best used sparingly as it can be a bit drying. Charity Pot smells so comfortingly of Jaffas, and the empty tins have proven amazing for packing bits and bobs during travel. I'm a sucker for most things Lush!
    Not a big user of Rimmel, but oh those sales at Boots and Superdrug. They're the end of me.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I never though that they might smell like Jaffas considering I am the jaffa cake monster lol!