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October Favourites 2013

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Just like September, October hasn't really been a month for many new products, I've pretty much stuck to what I use normally. I do however, have a couple of new favourite things, as well as a few oldies but goodies that I have rediscovered!

Starting off with the newbies, this month I invest in some Waterproof Mascara as I went off somewhere that I could have got very wet. And lets face it - we don't heart panda eyes no matter how cute a panda maybe. I didn't want anything to expensive so I went for Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black. Even though I bought it for a purpose I ended up really liking this mascara! It felt weird to use at first because the wand is as light as a feather, but it made my lashes look fab. I think the packaging is an all time favourite for me too. I use to use the normal version too and I might go back after I finish up a few others.

I'm loving Rimmel so much lately and I have loved using two of their products this month. I mentioned buying Rimmel's Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Pink Rose in a recent haul and I haven't put it down all month - I think it's the perfect blush! I've been using it with Rimmel's Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand as a highlighter on my cheeks and it creates a lovely glowing look. I got the Radiance Shimmer Touch in the £1 shop! So it's a bargin.

I haven't considered repurchasing any of the products from one of my Miss GlossyBox yet until now. I got a sample of the Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance and I have fallen in love with it. It's everything I want from a perfume, as I like really fruity but fresh scents and to my nose, this is one! This is going on my Christmas list, but as a top tip, Boots usually put their perfume gift sets on half price after xmas, so keep an eye out (I know it's a long way off!).

Now to some old favourites. My Essie base coat finally met it's maker this month and so I had to buy myself a new one. I had used Sally Hansen Double Duty a while back and when I saw it, I thought I'd give it a go again. It's a really great base and top coat and I do think it works. It's perfect for lazy people like me too!

Finally, I dug out my ELF Conditioning Lip Balm this month and I am so glad I did, I forgot how good this is. I think this is the perfect nude shade for anyone (it's in Nice & Natural) and it is highly pigmented for a lip balm. I love the little pot packaging too. It's nice to think that while I'm wearing a pop of colour, it's actually doing some work to make my lips feel nice too!

As for non beauty favourites of the month, I have some good ones! I have been watching plenty of telly again and I have just watched the series opener of Misfits, which I only just got into this year. I have continued to enjoy Orphan Black and have 2 episodes waiting for me! I also love The Paradise, which is back on BBC 1 and is the perfect double bill with Downton on a Sunday. I was off sick from work for 2 days and so I quickly made my way through season 8 of Grey's so I am caught up now DVD wise (season 9 is not out yet). But more importantly, this Thursday is brand new Big Bang Theory which excites me no end!

Again, it hasn't been a big month movie wise! I am looking forward to Wednesday though when me and my boy Thor will finally be reunited! I also have the Hunger Games Catching Fire to look forward to in November too. I also know that my Miranda Season 3 boxset which I pre-ordered way back in February is coming this month too! I have been reading a lot this month too. I read the next in Lauren Conrad's Fame Game "Starstruck" and I am halfway through Throne of Glass, but I'm also making my way through Catching Fire before the movie comes out. I also have the sequel to Divergent waiting on my ereader. As for music, I discovered my favourite tune early on in the month. I can't get enough of "Elastic Heart" by Sia from the Catching Fire soundtrack. I didn't rate the Coldplay track, but some of the others don't sound half bad, so I may have to purchase the whole soundtrack.

What are your October favourites? Let me know in comments.

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