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Rimmel Vs MUA: Crayon Lip Balms

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When I bought my Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm in Drive Me Nude, I wonder how it would be in comparison to my MUA Power Pout in Rendezvous, as the packaging would suggest that it might be similar (in a Chandler esque voice - could I be more wrong).

To start off with, both of these are super moisturising. I don't like anything on my lips that just makes them feel like it's layered on or that it's going to crack, so these are perfect. They are balms, but they both have a good amount of colour payoff. So how about those colours

Colour wise, they are not alike at all. The Rimmel balm is more of a beige nude while the MUA balm is more of a light berry tone. I do think that the MUA one is slightly more glossy than the Rimmel one, but the Rimmel one is more sturdy in the packaging, as my MUA one is currently reminiscing the tower of Piza. But I can't complain as I love them both equally (like children - you can't have a favourite). I do find that the packaging on the MUA one is weird as it isn't really true to the colour like the Rimmel one. I would love to try more of the Rimmel ones, including the rather funnily named Give Me A Cuddle.

Which brands make the best lip crayons?? Let me know in comments.

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