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Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bella

By 12:13 PM ,

Apologies for two things to start with - lack of posts and also the quality of these pictures as my camera battery crapped out as I was about to take them, so good old Mr iPhone stepped up!

I was in Boots (as you do!) the other day and when I stuck that lovely little advantage card into the machine, it came up with a half price offer on the Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipsticks. Naturally, could not pass up getting a new lipstick for a couple of quid. The magpie in me naturally gravitated to the nude range of colours and so I picked up Bella.

First off, lets talk about that packaging. It's such an unusual shape and I love how it double up as a "I can't find a mirror but I can see myself in this" mirror. When you open Bella, however, it is not a lot like the colour on the bottom of the packaging. The bottom suggest a coral sort of nude tone, but I could best describe this is a light milk chocolate colour in the tube.

you can see from these other nude shades I have, it does gravitate towards a more cool brown sort of colour. This puzzles me to no end, because when this goes on the lips, it's just BAM!!! It works so well with my natural lip colour and comes off looking more like a your lips but better tone. I really like how natural it looks. It's such a puzzling lipstick to me! They describe these as rich but lightweight, which I can agree with and they do shine!

Have you tried Bella or any other Seventeen lipsticks or products? Let me know in comments!

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