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Christmas Gift Ideas #01: DIY Nail Polish Gift Set

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Looking through a bunch of Christmas catalogues (literally one of my favourite parts of Christmas!), you can never miss the amount of nail polish gift sets that are out there. There are actually some really good ones, but I always find, there are at least 1-2 polishes in the gift set that you just don't like!

Being a bit of a nail polish / nail art addict, I have kind of scrubbed off on a few of my friends. One of my friends in particular has started chatting to me about polish recently as it's something she can only wear at weekends on her hands because of her job. So as a present for her this year, I decided to create her an individual nail polish gift set.

We limited ourselves to a £5 limit for the gift this year and luckily I know place where I can get good branded nail polish for cheaper. All the goodies from the box come from Fragrance Direct and come in at just over £5 I think! Even if you only spend £10, you can get quite a little hefty haul! I think it's really good cause you can pick colours they will like and wear and you can personalise it with glitters and nail accessories!

For her box I picked two nail polishes and some nail wraps. And to be very very honest, I bought one of these each for myself too! First off, I picked a regular nail polish from Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Pumice (£1.49). This is quite an unusual colour but it looks really nice on, it's like a jade grey green. Next, I picked her some Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Glitz Blitz (£2.49). I thought these would be perfect for round Christmas or for a night out. Finally, I chose a glitter polish from Loreal Paris in Parure Bronze (£1.30)! This is such a pretty varnish and can be layered or in 2-3 coats on it's own.

Once I chose the polishes, I used some really pretty Gorjuss labels to give advice on why I chose them and how to use them.

Next I picked this box up in Wilkinsons to put them in. I think this was only £1 and it is such good quality compared to the ones you get in card shops and the pattern is so much nicer too!

I shredded some crepe paper and placed the polishes in the box.

Then I stuck the labels on the inside of the lid.

Finally, I did my all time favourite thing and gift wrapped it. I love love love this gift wrap from Wilkinsons, it reminds me of 1920/1930s Hollywood and just fits with my love of films. If I didn't do what I do for a job, I would love to be a professional gift wrapper!

As you can see, you can really personalise this and just make it perfect for a friend and to be honest, it's a lot cheaper too! Plus people will appreciate the effort you've gone to picking them individual colours!

Send me you pics on twitter if you make your own nail polishes boxes @prettyedu88.

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