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Fragrance Direct Haul

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Sorry for being a day late with this post! I was going to post it yesterday but I got a splitting headache and today I am resisting the urge to scratch some rather lovely bites on my wrist. I have bites on both of my wrists and no idea why!! Anywhoo! Here is my most recent Fragrance Direct Haul! As you might have seen on twitter, I had a bit of an issue with this order and luckily it is all sorted, minus one product I ordered because it is apparently out of stock although the website has said differently ever since I was informed of this. Maybe they think there doing me a favour as I already have so many greens lol!

And yes, before you ask, it's all nail polishes! I have an addiction I know. I got 18 polishes, but some are for presents, so I will show them in a separate post. While I stuck with one of my favourite brand Sally Hansen, I also got some really pretty L'Oreal polishes and some really pretty Maybelline ones too! Sometimes it's good to try something new! So lets get stuck in.

It's fact! Sally Hansen makes the best nail wraps full stop. I've tried other brands and I always come back to these, so I like to have some in stock. These are only £2.50 on Fragrance Direct which is a steal for the quality. They had so many cool patterns but I got (left to right) Love Letter, Mod About You and Glitz Blitz. Ever since I have seen these advertised I have always wanted Love Letter, so I had to get these. I have had issues with white based Sally Hansen wraps, so I hope these are better. Next up, Mod About You is such a cool geometric pattern featuring a lot of colours I would wear as nail polish. Finally, I thought Glitz Blitz would be perfect for the festive season, if my birthday nail art disaster is anything to go by, I might need to keep these to hand for my works do!

A) Insta Dri are the best for 1 coat quality and B) They have the best brush! I so love Insta Dri polishes, just because they are so bloody easy to use and so bloody easy to like. The purple is Lively Lilac. I ended up liking this a lot more than I thought I would. Amazing quality and such a lovely shine off it. And when I saw the words Brisk Blue, no matter how much I had left in my other bottle, I had to get it!

I went for some Maybelline polishes this time round. These were both £1.50 and for that price, the quality is superb. I have these both on at the moment and I have only one minor chip on my thumb! The glitter is Express Finish 40 in Flash Cosmic. This is an odd glitter. It has that round clear glitter in that shines depending on the angle. The blue is Forever Strong Pro in Ceramic Blue. This is such a pretty light sky blue and it's that kind of blue that has a slight shimmer undertone. I think this would suit so many skin tones.

I went a wee bit mad in the Complete Manicure polishes, but for £1.49 they are just beyond brilliant. The first three are from two different collections with Alexander Wang and Prabal Gurung. Gilded Lily, which I already own, is from The Prabal Gurung collection, which I didn't know. I also picked up from that collection the first polish in the picture, which is Ivory Skull (I love the name). It is a creamy white shade, on the more sheer side, but with whites, thinner can be better because thick white polishes are a nightmare! From the Alexander Wang side, I got Bandage, which is what I would call a cookie dough colour and Pumice which is a jade grey green tone.

I also picked up a couple of polishes from a summer collection too. Bit odd considering it's baltic outside, but I can't pass up a pretty shade. I did also order Palm Tree from this collection, which is a pale green, but that is the one that was "out of stock". First up is Tahitian Sunset, which is a lovely coral orange colour. I got this because it looked so pretty but also I recently had to chuck a Rimmel colour very similar which I only got one use out of! I also got Shore-ly, which is a lovely creamy beige nude. These both have great coverage!

Finally, I picked up some L'Oreal Colour Riche polishes for £1.30 each. These were a bugger to find swatches for, because the site only had the numbers not the names of the colours on, but I did manage to get some before purchase lol! I am never one to pass up a glitter and these are stunning and fully cover in 2-3 coats. From left to right we have Copper Cuff, Bronze Parure and L Or Noir. The last one especially reminds me of the Deborah Lipmann colour "Cleopatra in New York". These are perfect night out colours! Now for the swatches! Ignore the black, that's a glamour freebie!

Top Row: Bandage // Pumice // Copper Cuff // L Or Noir // Ceramic Blue // Tahitian Sunset.
Bottom Row: Shore-ly // Black // Bronze Parure // Cosmic Flash // Lively Lilac // Ivory Skull.

I can't wait to use all these polished. Which are you loving? Let me know in comments.

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