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Revlon Nail Polish Haul

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I was all ready to do a Fragrance Direct Haul today. However, if you have been tuned into my twitter, you'll know I've had a few problems with it. So, instead, I am bringing you one of my best £1 shop finds this year!

How cool are these! On my latest £1 shop trawls I picked up 4 of the Revlon Chroma Chameleon shades and a Revlon Matte Suede shade. What I most enjoy about this is that they still sell these Chroma shades in boots for £6.49. They have 6 shades, but it was very hard to tell in the £1 shop which were which. I don't have Aquamarine and Amethyst. I don't know if they sell the Matte Suede ones still, but I just loved this colour.

With Flash

Without Flash

From Left to Right: Cobalt, Topaz, Tanzanite and Pink Quartz. The Matte Suede shade is Emerald City. For the swatches below I used three coats of each varnish, but the matte shade you could easily get away with 2.

Top Row: Pink Quartz. Second Row: Cobalt and Topaz. Bottom Row: Emerald City and Tanzanite.

Some of these are slightly in the sheer side, but you could easily layer them over a black. I think they are perfect for layering! My favourite of the Chroma shades is Cobalt, it's the blue I wish OPI's Into The Night was. I just adore Emerald City too (the matte shade). I totally picture this shade as being my OZ shade!

What are your best £1 bargains? Let me know in comments!

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