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ELF 50 Piece Make-Up Artist Palette Mini Review

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Hi guys! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and spent it having lots of fun with your friends and families. Today I'm bringing you my first thoughts review of the ELF 50 Piece Make-Up Artist Palette. I saw this on the site at the beginning of the month and I loved it. I managed to get it in the sale for £10 and it still is at that price, but it rrp's at £15.

The first thing I love about the ELF studio line is the packaging. I love the matte black boxes with a really clear picture on the packaging, it looks really professional and expensive. When you open the packaging you are presented with the palette.

The palette matches the matte black of the packaging, with the logo on the top. The logo isn't too in your face and I love the simplicity of the packaging. When you open the palette, you have a massive mirror - seriously, it fills the whole of the lid. Perfect for travelling, but more on that later.

In the top of the palette is the 40 eyeshadows that come with the palette. I haven't swatched them all - I would be here till next year, but I have a selection for you later. You have a good mix or really netural tones pinks/browns as well as some more brighter jewel tones. Most of them are shimmers, but there is the odd matte shade.

To get to the blush and bronzer, you simply lift out the eyeshadow palette. It's really easy to do as there is a groove at the side. The blush/bronze palette also comes out, so you can switch them around. You have 5 really differentiated blush shades and 5 bronzers. These are feel quite creamy and smooth, which I like.

These are the 5 blushes going from left to right in the palette (top to bottom on the arm if you get that!). All of these have a really nice colour payoff. I was worried that some of them would be very very bright, but they don't look as in you face ones swatched. I would say the lighter pink would make a better highlighter, it's a little light and shimmery for a blush.

These are the 5 bronzers (again left to right in the palette is top to bottom on the arm). These had a very good colour payoff - I'd say you would need a light touch with these, a little goes a long way. I think I would have to experiment a bit with these first, as I'm pretty much sticking to one tone when it comes to bronzer, but they do look nice colours.

These are just a selection of some of the jewel tones and some of the more nude natural tones. I had a mixed payoff with some of these, but I would say you'd get a better payoff with primer and a make-up brush, I was using my fingers! It was very hard to pick which tones to swatch and I can't wait to try some more looks out with them.

Final First Thoughts:
I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this palette, you could experiment so much with this. You can create so many different eye looks and it's always nice to change up the old blusher! I think this is a perfect travel palette. While on the larger side in comparison to say the MUA or Naked Palettes, this also has the blush and bronzers and you wouldn't need a mirror either. Some of the eyeshadows didn't have a massive payoff but I only tested a small selection and this was without primer, so some may preform better. Overall, I am very excited to use this palette.

What do you think of this ELF Palett? Let me know in comments!

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