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A Year In Nails 002

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Yesterday I decided to switch up my nails. My 001 look actually held up really well. I wore it from Sunday to about Wednesday, and it only really started to chip on Wednesday and that's without a top coat also! I sat painting my nails while re-watching episode 1 of series 3 of Sherlock! I can't believe it ends tonight! Not enough!

I didn't do anything too fancy, but I did use two of the new nail polishes I did pick up from my recent Boots haul! These are Seventeen Supreme Shine Nail Varnish in Sphinx (thumb only) and Mink. Mink is coming off a lot darker on my nails but I actually really like it. It's almost like a nude lipstick colour! I'm loving Sphinx too as it's not a yellow gold but more of a subtle antique white kind of gold!

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