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A Year In Nails 004

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I didn't have anything on my nails all week until I cam home from work on Friday. I think it's good to have a break now and then, just to give your nails some times off. I still have on Friday's look and am gonna keep it for as long as it will last.

This is actually my right hand for a change because even though I'm right handed, this one looked better lol! I started with a base of Sally Hansen Lively Lilac (Insta-Dri Formula) and the glitter is a fantastic Barry M one but rather boringly name, Amethyst Glitter. This is pretty dense for a glitter, you get a good payoff in one stroke!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I have an OPI haul in which I finally got one of the polishes I have wanted all CHRISTMAS (I did just use that word yes!).

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