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First Thoughts: Elf 10 Piece Festive Brush Set

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I was shopping the ELF sales and I managed to pick up this really good brush set! ELF has some really great Christmas gifts this year and while I didn't get gifted any, I thought I'd gift myself some.

In this 10 piece set you get Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Brow Comb & Brush, Eyelash & Eyebrow Wand, Eyeliner Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Smudge Eye Sponge, Lip Defining Brush and Flawless Total Face Brush. These brushes are the same as the ELF essential brushes (the white handle ones), but with a rather lovely black handle and gold text, which I think looks a lot better than the normal handle design. You can buy all these brushes individually at £1.50 (£15.00 total). You can also buy the Essential Professional 9 Pc. Master Set for £15.00, which features nearly all these brushes (minus the eyebrow wand and concealer brush, but with the eye defining brush), however they all feature the original handle design. The set costs £12.00 but I got it in the sale, which you still currently can, for £6.00. That's 60p a brush! Let's take a closer look at the brushes.

First off we have the Blush brush, the Flawless Total Face brush and the Foundation brush. I do already have the Total Face and Foundation brush with the white handle. I wasn't really interested in the Foundation brush, as I don't like this style of brush, but it is a nice brush to have. I have used the Total Face brush before and really loved it. The only downside I would have is that it does shed really easily and the bristles are not the softest (I can't find whether they are synthetic or not!). The Blush brush is very similar in style to the Total Face brush. It has a nice shape for applying to the cheeks and is a bit softer than the Total Face brush. This brush would be perfect for contouring also.

Next up are the Brow Comb & Brush, Eyelash & Eyebrow Wand, Eyeliner Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Smudge Eye Sponge. I do already have the Eyeshadow brush. The Brow Comb and Brush is a great tool to own. The comb is not too small either, so it works really well at separating lashes. My only issue with this brush is that the head came off, but I can easily glue it back on! I was really happy with the Eyelash and Brow wand. It's something that I don't actually own in some form already and it's really good for taming the old brows. I wasn't blessed with the neatest of brows, but they are full enough that thankfully I don't have to fill them in! This is really good at just taming them into a neat shape. The Eyeliner Brush again was something I was looking forward too, as I don't really have a good enough one. It has a nice thin edge, so you won't be packing it on too thick and can really play with it. I haven't tried this yet, but I can imagine it will be a good one. I loved receiving another Eyeshadow brush, as I love the one I already own and sometimes it's just nice to have two, so you don't have to clean one between colours. Pretty mush does what it says on the tin. Finally, another very interesting brush in the Smudge Eye Sponge. Having not read the description clearly enough, I didn't actually realise that this was a sponge lol! I don't often do really harsh liner, so I think me and this are going to get on like a house on fire!

Finally we have the Lip Defining Brush and Concealer brush. I already use the Real Techniques detailer brush as a concealer brush, but this one is just as good, so now I have a spare. The lip brush is going to come in very uesful, as again, it's something that I haven't got and I'm having a real annoyance of late of lip colour just not staying on longer than minutes for some reason, so I think this will come in handy.

Overall, I think this is a really good brush set. You get a nice mixture of useful brushes and while there is the odd filler brush (I could have easily substituted a few for some of the different eye brushes), you also get some really surprising brushes too. If you don't own this, I would definetly pick it up and get one for a friend too!

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