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January Favourites 2014

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I haven't been using two many new products this month, but I do have a couple of beauty favourites, as well as some general favourite. So here goes!

First off, I'm gonna go into my favourite tools of the month. I switched back my powder brush from the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to the Real Techniques Powder Brush. It's just a really great powder brush and it doesn't pack the product on, making it look cakey, it just mattifies and makes your skin look flawless. I've really been loving the Miracle Complexion Sponge for putting on foundation on. I like to use the flat surface to press it on and it just seems to do it so quickly and easily. I've washed it a fair few times and not had any problems with it crumbling and it looks just as good as news.

Rimmel just seem to make the best foundations and this month I have been loving the Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little on the lazy side, so having a foundation that I don't have to do anything with is great, but also I have a very busy job. It just ticks the boxes for coverage and lasting.

For eyes, I have two very recent favourites. I bought the Collection Eyeshadow Pencil last year and really didn't do much with is. But this month I've loved it, again cause it just stays put. It might look very dark at first, but it's so build able and you can blend it out. I've also loved teaming it with the Rimmel ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eyeliner. It has a nice thin tip, which means you can make really neat lines and it just stays put. But I think I'm definitely going to have to resign to the fact that I don't have eyes that can take a wing line. Stupid eyelids!

Of course, it wouldn't be a favourites without nail varnish. I haven't had the OPI Steady As She Rose long, but I just love it cause I'm not a pink person, but it's more of a dirty lilac (I don't know if that's a colour!). I also love love love the Maybelline Colour Show Brocades in Knitted Gold. I wore this for my work xmas do and it was just so pretty (they have a new street art collection out now, which I can't wait to try!).

Final beauty favourite of the month is an xmas gift from my sister. I got a full size bottle (well 30ml) of the Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance. I just really love the scent and the bottle. I got a sample in a Miss GlossyBox (which sadly they discontinued!) and I really really wanted it, so thanks sis!

As per usual, I have been watching a lot of TV again this month. I really loved the third series of Sherlock, although I don't think it was as good as the previous to. I have also been enjoying a lot of US shows, such as Revenge and The Tomorrow People and I just hope a lot more of the US shows come to Freeview rather than Sky! But my favourite show of this month, which I actually only watched over the past week, was Arrow. Again, as I don't and won't pay for Sky, I watched this on DVD and I loved it more than I thought it would, so I can't wait for season 2 to come out.

Movie wise this month and in December, I got a lot of movies, but haven't watched a lot of movies! That is a big problem of mine lol! I can't think if there is anything new I watched that I loved - oh I did like Now You See Me. My sister lent me a lot of DVD's and that was the best one, but I hated Man Of Steel!! Did not like that one bit. Books, I've really been into Cecelia Ahern this month. I read When Rainbows End and 100 Names and loved them both. I started The Time Of My Life, but I'm finding it a little hard to read. And I'm going to type it here so I mean it, but I will read Mockingjay before either part of the bloody film comes out! Music has been a grea month because I got a lot of CD's for xmas but my overall favourite is Katy Perry's "Prism" - it's my favourite of hers so far, because on her other albums there have been songs that I've not liked. My favourite on the album though is "By The Grace Of God". I've also been loving the John Newman song "Losing Sleep".

What favourites, beauty or regular, can you recommend this month? Let me know in comments!

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