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OPI Haul!

By 11:20 AM ,

If you hadn't guessed it by now, OPI is my favourite brand of Nail Polish. I always get far too over excited when I hear news of a new collection coming and only the other day I saw the new of another Muppet collection! I so loved the last one and it featured my all time favourite varnish! I still wish till today I could own Rainbow Connection, but never mind. It has some interesting looking colour in too, including what might be some unique glitters! Today's selection comes from Fragrance Direct and also, for the first time, Nail Polish Direct. I have never used that site before, but they have really good prices on the new polishes, but I found their service really great, so let's get into it.

The first three of these polishes come from the Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides collection, while the last one is from the recent Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. The first 2 are Planks a Lot and Steady as she Rose, both from Fragrance Direct at £3.99 each for fullsize. The second two are Strange Tides and Wonderous Star, both £6.95 for fullsize from Nail Polish Direct. The Pirate collection is a really great collection of colours, they really capture the murky pirate edge to regular colours, if that is making any sense. They are come good in three coats, as they are on the sheer side. I could have bought the entire glitter and liquid sand part of the Mariah Carey Holiday collection, but this one stood out to me the most. I've been going to be buy it for weeks now, but I finally caved and got it last weekend! I believe this was two coats.

What do you think of these shades or can you recommend any others for me? Let me know in comments.

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