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A Year In Nails 008

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I've been pretty lack luster of late with actual nail art, opting for more mixing of different polishes. But now that I have a lovely week off, I am hoping to have a wee experiment again. As for my week off, Monday I am going off grid, I won't exist until I have cleared the back log on my box! I haven't watched any of this series of Mr Selfridge yet, so I think that will be my starting point!

As you can tell, I messed about with this picture on the new app, Rookie! I'm loving the stickers! This look features two polishes from my latest haul, Revlon Minted and Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich. I thought they went really nicely together, I do love the mix of mint/turquoise and a matte black. I wore this for nearly 4 days, and while the Sally Hansen one did chip, I could easily patch it. The Revlon one lasted really well, with only minor chips at the nail edge and they really only appeared on the last days I wore it.

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