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Mini Nail Haul

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The good one pound shop had a new bunch of nail colours in the other week, so naturally I just had to buy a few - I think it's some kind of law! As you may notice from the picture below, I have a real real problem going past blues and greens!! My eyes are just drawn to them!

First off we have a beauty from Revlon in Minted (don't think that one really needs much explanation!). Next is a gorgeous turquoise from Maybelline Express Finish 40 in Turquoise Lagoon. I've wanted to try the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats and they had a butt load of colours, but I just opted for 800 Lick-O-Rich. Finally, a new brand for me is Sinful Colours in a gorgeous deep blue called Hot Spot.

All of these three were 3 coats. I love how the Sinful Colours blue has a lovely shimmer undertone, so it changes in the light, while the Maybelline and Revlon polishes are just as gorgeous and shiny as they look in the bottles.

This was two coats, but you might just even get away with one of this Sally Hansen polish. I really like the finish on this textured polish because it's not too raises and bumpy and just a bit more finer than most.

Have you found any great pound shop bargains lately? Share them with me in comments!

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