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February Favourites 2014 - Skin Care Special

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First, can I start by saying sorry for the PNG images! Stupid blogger has this google+ setting, which I'm not joining google+ to change, that makes white tones look really dull and dark in jpegs! For this months favourites, as I don't have many beauty related ones, I thought I would show you my current skin care favourites/ routine. I've gone through lots of products and brands over the years, but now I seem to have it down to a certain routine. I was big into Neutrogena for years and still think their a great brand but for me now, it's really only two brands - Simple and Lush.

For my morning routine, I follow the 3 simple steps - cleanse, tone and moisturise! I start off by using a good squirt of Simple Kind To Kind Refreshing Face Wash Gel, foaming it up in my hands before applying to my face. Once I've rinsed that off, I next turn to toner. Up till this week I was using the Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner but after that ran out I decided to try the Simple Kind To Skin Pore Minimising Toner Cleanser. This stuff seems so weird at first. I thought it was a was, but it's just like a toner, as you sweep it across your face. But this stuff is heavy, I mean the bottle is really weighty, because it's actually quite like a gel (see below), sort of a primer. It does minimise the pores really well! I finish off with a good coat of Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. This does the job but I would like an SPF in this. My foundation does so it's not too much of an issue. They really do the job of keeping my skin refreshed though.

After I come home from work, it's time to take off whatever remains of my face lol! I start by getting the big chunk of it off with Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes. I find it hard to find wipes I like, as they are often not moist enough and drag on the face, but these are nice. After that, I use the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution to attack stubborn mascara and to really also remove any residue from the wipes. I have a whole other bottle of this, but Garnie has released one that it bigger in size and just as cheap, so I might switch to that.

At night, I just like to give my face a good wash with warm water and a face cloth. Then, and this is if I can remember/be bothered - I always seem to forget, I finish with a layer of Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream. This stuff dries in quickly, so your not there for 5 minutes rubbing it in, but it leaves a nice shine to the skin - not oily, more like if you have been in the sun!

Once a week, usually Saturday, I have a good old scrub with Ocean Salt. I know this has some pretty big chunks in and is harsh, but I always find it leaves my skin so smooth and flake free.

Finally, a new little love to my routine is Lush Love Lettuce face mask. I recently swapped some empty tubs for this and am so far loving it. It's just a nice clarifying mask, that leaves my face smooth. I always use this when I have a bath.

What are your current skin care faves? Let me know in comments!

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