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Lipstick Haul

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Me and my lips just don't seem to be getting on at the moment. They have cracked a bunch in the corner, no matter how much lipbalm I use. And for some reason, lipgloss/stick/balm ect just doesn't seem to last very long on my lips. I've also had this problem that after I eat things like apples, my lips go really red and when I reapply, it looks like I've done a bad liner job, cause I have a red ring round my lips! Any tips for making lipstick last are much welcomed!

That being said, I went on the scout for a pink nude lipstick. I love me some nude lipsticks, but all mine are more on the beige toned side. Needless to say, while I did get a good'en, I also may have bought another nude lipstick - bad me (slaps hand!).

From Collection I picked up a Volume Sensation lipstick in Satin Bow (£2.99) and from Loreal I got one of their Color Riche Collection Exclusive in Cheryl (£8.19).

Satin Bow is definitely on the more coral nude scale and isn't actually a full wash of pigmented colour, but more like a nice sheen. I love the big chunky packaging it comes in too! Cheryl looks like a darker nude pink, but again, it doesn't whack the colour on (plus how lovely is the matte black/gold packaging!). Both are very much your lips but better colours.

It took me some swiping back and forth too really build this up, but I really love both of these colours!

What lipsticks can you recommend for staying power? Let me know in comments!

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