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Models Own Nail Haul

By 11:01 AM ,

Apologies for not getting this up last weekend. What with the combination of dull British weather ruining my pictures and endless job applications that I am currently filling in, I just didn't get the time! But it's here now - my Models Own Haul!

Let's first start off with the packaging! I love the way they have packaged, these, it's like that little extra touch. I got 6 polishes in their 6 for £20 deal and I believe they are running it again this weekend! As well as some of the newer polishes, I also picked up a couple from the last years releases too. So lets dig in!

One of the new collections is the Speckled Egg collection, I presume modeled after the Cabury's Mini Eggs! They are lovely pastel shades, filled with a black glitter. When you layer it up, you get this see through kind of look, which is really cool. I had a hard time choosing but I went for the shade "Magpie" (love the name!). I love the idea of mixing and matching these shades, so I might have to get some more!

Next up is one from last years Fruit Pastel release (I'm not pastel obsessed!). These polishes are meant to be scented, but sometimes it's hard to sniff it, when the strong smell of varnish is there too! Again, I went for the turquoise shade, called "Apple Pie". It's appropriate because I am an apple monster! They are my favourite fruit. I did smell apple in there too.

The following polishes are from the HyperGel range, which are polishes that are suppose to look like you have had a gel manicure. There are so many lovely shades in this collection but I tried to go for ones that I wouldn't usually pick, although I always turn to blues lol. The blue shade Cornflower Gleam and coral cream shade is Coral Glaze. I really liked Blue Glint in this collection, but I have a lot of turquoise blue shades already, so I passed. I can't honesty say I have noticed a brighter shine then the other polishes, but they have a lovely butter smooth finish.

This black lovely is from the velvet goth collection and I broke one of my life rules in buying this, which I regret now, because I love another shade and that's "If in doubt, Purple!". They have a purple shade and it didn't look too nice on the website, but I've seen a swatch now and I wished I had got that. This shade is black with chunks of glitter in, that I think are suppose to dry textured, like the OPI liquid sands. This is slighty thick in consistency, but this is similar to my Nicole by OPI Follow Me On Glitter, which had that thickness too. The lid annoys me something rotten, as it picks up fluff cause it's velvet. I really should tell you what this is called lol! This is Obsidian, which after having no idea and googling, is a natural volcanic glass! Who knew!

Finally is the newest of the bunch, which is the Sticky Fingers collection. These set feature a polishes and corresponding nail decals. I took forever to decided because I liked the polish in some and the stickers in others, but I went for this one called "Sweet Candy". The polishes are nothing new, as you can buy them separately, which is a shame.

Which are your best picks from my haul? Let me know in comments.

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