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First Look: Revolution Make-Up Part 1

By 7:07 PM

I've seen Revolution Make-Up popping up all over the internet lately, so I thought I would check them out. In the same vain as ELF and MUA, offering quality products for a decent price. It all began in March 2014, launching with a massive 300 products, starting at just £1. I'm never one to turn up quality for money, so I made a cheeky order and so far, I'm hooked!

The first thing I must say is that I am in LOVE with the packaging. With cheaper brands, you often relate it to really rubbish cheap packaging - not this one. The packaging on this is top notch, especially the highlighter which you'll see in a mo and the lipstick. I love that I can't tell what colour it is either! Sometimes it looks black and others, a deep purple, but maybe that's my love of purple gone to far - I'm seeing it everywhere! Full mark for packaging on all products though! So let's get stuck in! Just a quick note - I am doing to two big palettes in a separate post!

Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Light - £3.00
I don't often go for highlighters, but I was sold on this one, because of the cute design (judge a book by it's cover - I know!). As the name suggest this is a peach toned highlighter (you can get a gold tone and pink/lilac one too.) This is a really nice highlighter because it's quick a natural tone based one and gives just a light hint and would be great for all skin tones!

Eyeshadows in Dirty Cash (top) and Promised Land (bottom) - £1.00 each
I'm of the variety that you can never have too many single eyeshaodws and that you can never have two many brown/nudes (I think I must have every tone of this type by now!). You can choose from over 40 shades and the good thing is you don't have to google swatches as they already have that covered! Dirty Cash is aptly named - it's like a dirty brown colour (I say that in a good way!), while Promised Land is like a rose gold bronze tone. Good payoff here!

(with flash)

Focus & Fix Eye Primer in Original and Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof - £2.50 and £1.50
I don't tend to prime my eyelids, but in the Summer months I am prone to my lid imprinting on my brow bone (I have deep set eyes!), so I picked up the primer in Original (also comes in Brighten and Matte) and the Eyeliner in Waterproof. I haven't tried the primer yet but I did try the eyeliner and I was really impressed! I can't do cat eyes too good because I have quick a crease where I should wing it, but I found this helped so much and dried really quickly, but was still glossy.

Amazing Lipstick in The One and Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Indirect and Supreme - All £1.00 each
I'm not normally one for eye pigments because lets face it, they can be a real mess! Bust I couldn't pass on these two shades (I'm truly sorry I can't remember which way round they are lol Supreme is the lighter tone!) I haven't tried them on myself yet, but I thought they'd make a nice finish to an eye look. They have a little holded shaker, but you easily take that off, but whatever you do, it will be messy. The lipstick packaging was another I was impressed with - very sturdy. This has been my only downside product so far - I found it to be a little on the chalky side whereas the swatch made it look more creamy, but it's a nice shade.

So far, I think I have become a part of the Revolution (sorry for that!). Stay tuned for the next installment where I take a look at the two fab palettes I purchased!

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