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Lush Haul!

By 11:07 AM

I decided to treat myself to a few Lush bath goodies the other week and was very excited by some of their new Easter goodies. You can't help but love the smell of Lush when you go past the shop. It's that little bit of niceness in a rather boring town lol! In coming to do this post, I've just noticed the new upgrade to the Lush site! I love the little previews they give you of the products.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb - £3.50
The first one I knew I wanted to pick up was this golden egg! I got so messy picking this up in the shop and taking the picture, you just get covered in the gold glitter. I always get stuck describing scents, but the Lush site describes it as Honey Toffee and to be honest, now I know that, I totally get that! I think I'll save this for Easter Sunday.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb - £2.95
I had to get a signature easter bath bomb and I loved the pretty patterns on this one. It has a very sweet sugary smell, which is a Lush classic smell - Candy Fluff.

Mumkin Bubble Bar - £2.95
I am a big fan of the bubble bars, I've used the Comforter in the past. I just couldn't resist this one - it's so cute. It's a bit messy to crumble (I've already used this) but I think that's half the fun! This one smells of raspberries, which is obvious from the colour. I felt quite sad crumbling this - it's just so cute!

What are you favourite Lush bath accessories? Let me know in comments!

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