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Sally Hansen Haul Part 1

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Sally Hansen has to be one of my favourite drug store nail polish brands (OPI being my favourite!). I don't think I've ever come across one of their polishes that I have not liked and the quality is second to non. Fragrance Direct recently added a lot of new colours to the ranges that they sell, and let's just say - I went a little mad! The first part of this haul is the Complete Salon Manicure range of polishes.

First up are 3 glitter style polishes. First up is Glare Necessities, which looks like it has a little top hat (I think it's from a wedding based collection!). This is packed with different sized pieces of silver and royal blue glitter. I have this polish on now and what I love is that it's not a very clear runny based glitter. With one stroke, you do get a really good payoff and you don't have to mess about with placement. Next up is Copper Penny, which really says it all. It's not going to ever be a completely opaque glitter polish in 3, but again, you get great payoff per stroke. Finally their is Wedding Glitters, which is a white gold polish. This has a metallic finish and isn't too streaky, which is good.

Next up are a couple of dark polishes. The first is Summer Plum, which is a purple plum shade which leans towards a maroon rather than red. Gorgeous colour and great coverage. Next is Nightwatch which is so blue it's almost black - I'd call it Midnight Blue. Not much to say again as it's great coverage! Finally is Plum Luck which is more of a purple plum. Gorgeous again (I need a new word!).

This collection I would call the brights! I'm not a pink girl as I think I have said before, but I was drawn in by the swatches of this. This is called Frutti Petutie and it's not quite pink, not quite red, not quite coral, it's just a lovely shade! I love me some green/blue/turquoise shades and this is a good en! This is New Wave Blue and it's a nice bright blue green, not quite as dull as Fairy Teal, which is a similar shade. Finally, is a nude polish that I have on at the moment with the glitter, called Stocking Nude. It's a nice caramel beige and doesn't drain the colour from pale skin, but gives it more of a boost!

That's it for part one (I thought it would be longer!) Next up in Part 2 we have some of the Insta-Dri Forumla, a goodie from the Xtreme Wear collection and a lovely pack of the Salon Effects! Look at the swatches for a sneaky peak of one!

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