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May Favourites 2014

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I missed a day, I know! I thought your holidays were suppose to be less busy lol! Anyway, let's get right in to May Favourites. I'm finding it harder and harder to do favourites because I'm becoming so stuck in a routine! But here are some of the goodies I've been enjoying this month.

Let's start with a Rimmel duo. This month I found out that Rimmel have released a lighter shade of two of their foundations - the 25 Hour Formula and the Wake Me Up Formula. I had been up till now using their lightest shade in both and I just about got away with it, but the new lightest shade (Light Porcelain) is a perfect match. I have only got the Wake Me Up one at the moment, but it is just as good as ever. I'm still so impressed with the coverage and the fact that it matches even more perfectly! Well done Rimmel.

My other Rimmel favourite of the month is one of the Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Celestial. I remember buying this and then just not using it because I love the shade Nude Eclipse. Yet this month I just kept grabbing for this. It's not my usual sort of colour but I couldn't get enough and it just last, which for work is something I am always looking for.

Next up is a rediscover from my collection which is the ELF All Over Colour Stick in Lilac Petal. Ever the lazy, this product takes a couple of slicks, a little blending and your done. It just makes your skin glow and I really think that cream blush is my way to go. Any recommendations are very much welcomed.

I haven't been reaching for eyeshadows very much, but one palette I have reached for a lot is the Make Up Revolution Palette in Iconic 3 (aka the Naked 3 dupe!). The colours are just right up my street and I really love the rosey pink shimmer shades as well as the golden shimmer shades. I can't wait to grab this for a night out!

My final beauty favourite of the month is a lip balm. This had been my wonder product for the month for getting my lips into shape and it's the Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Lip Balm. I am a huge Palmer Cocoa Butter fan, it has done wonders for my skin and this lip balm is no exception. It just leaves my lips so soft and gets rid of any of the dryness. I would love if they did tinted versions of this. I must research that.

For non beauty favourites we are going to get right in with the tv shows. All of my favourites are starting to wrap up now which is sad but E4 I'm looking at you - NEW GIRL IS COMING BACK! I have been loving Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, I really think it's found its way now, it's been so good lately. The Tomorrow People has also been getting so good, but why the heck did they cancel it!!! If I ever find out who did I am going to write them a strongly worded letter! Orphan Black has also come back this month and it's just as good as the last season but it's gone in a new direction, which is really good, it's not just same same.

I have been watching a lot of films, what with being off. Cinema wise, my faves of the month have been XMen: Days of Future Past which is one of the best XMen movies so far and somehow manages to make all other XMen movies irrelevant! I also saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which feels like I'm cheating on the original Spider-Man movies which are among my favourites, but I had to admit, this was so good. The other day I caved and I watched The Inbetweeners Movie and I will admit right now, I so enjoyed it and laughed a lot. And even though I am not one for crudeness, I even watched 21 Jump Street. I'm not sure what is wrong with me.

I have read a couple of books this month (and no I have still yet to read Mockingjay!) and my favourite was the Rachel Riley Diaries: The Time Of My Life. This book series is one of the most laugh out loud series I have ever read and I'm so sad it has come to an end. I do re-read books and this series I have to death! I also read The Fault In Our Stars (behind the bandwagon!), which has been sat on my ereader for a while and while I did enjoy reading it, one thing that really bugged me was the fictionalising of the cancer treatment, it sort of made the story less real for me and almost a fantasy - I just personally did not understand that. I also read Fever, which is the sequel to Wither and I am waiting in desperation to read Sever.

Music for me this month has been one album, which is English Rain by Gabrielle Aplin. I love every song on that album to death, but especially Salvation and Home.

What have been your absolute musts in May? Let me know in comments.

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