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My Most Used Make-Up Brushes

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I have quite a little collection of make-up brushes, but I seem to always reach for the same ones each day. These brushes are what make up my core collection and would be the ones I would most likely take with me when I went away.

Foundation Brush - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99

I hated most foundation brushes until I bought this. I could never get on with the flat head style foundation brushes as I felt most of the time they sucked up half the product and they always seem to leave line, which I hate. This brush is so soft and doesn't clog up with the product and you can really buff the foundation in. I've had this brush for well over a year and because it washes so well, it looks as good as the day I bought it. I would actually love another one!

Brushes I would like to try:
Zoeva 103 DEFINED BUFFER - The rose gold ones are beautiful!
Boots No7 Foundation Brush - A flat head brush that actually looks quality.

Powder Brush - Real Techniques Powder Brush - £12.99

This brush is massive! I have used over brushes in the past but the bristle would constantly fall out, which can be a pain to get off your face but I've had no shedding whatsoever from this. Some powder brushes are also quite harsh in texture, but again, this is so soft.

Brushes I would like to try:
ELF Studio Powder Brush - I've heard good things about this and I would be interested in seeing how the flat head works.

Blush Brush - Real Techniques Blush Brush - £9.99

What I most like about this is the dome shape. It's perfect for the apples but then you can also sweep with it. I think I'll never use another brush!

Eyeshadow Brushes - Real Techniques Brow Brush (From Set £21.99) and ELF Professional Eyeshadow Brush (£1.95)

I have a couple of the ELF Eye Brushes and they are all such great brush. They just do the job and for the price, you just can't go wrong. I use the Real Techniques Brow Brush as eyeshadow liner brush, just because my skills in winged liner are pathetic!

Brushes I would like to try:
Coastal Scents Blending Shading Fluff Brush - Is suppose to be a good dupe for the MAC 217.

What are your must have make-up brushes or ones I should try? Let me know in comments.

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