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My Nail Care Routine

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As I am a huge fan of nail polish and nail art (could you ever have guessed!), I need to take care of my nails. I've been trying really hard at the moment to keep to a routine and looking at them today, I think it might just be working. I am cursed with nails that peal, which is really annoying, but at the moment I can't see any signs of pealing and the white just looks a bit whiter and not as brittle. So here are the products I've been using.

Boots Salon Nail Care Nail Hardener Solution - £4.20:
This is just like a nail polish that you can put on by itself or as a base under your nail polish. I have tended to just use it as a base, but on the odd occasion, I have used it one it's own. I know a lote of people talk about OPI Nail Envy, which I do have, but I try to stay away from polishes that have Formaldehyde, just because if you can, then why not. This had really good reviews on the Boots website (I love looking at reviews). I got it on offer, but it is normally £4.20, which is very reasonable. I can't actually for the life of me find what ingredients make it do what it does (I'm not a chemist!), but it just works.

Boots Baby Zinc and Castor Oil Cream - £1.60:
In researching I kept coming back to castor oil. A lot of people commented it was good for growth and strength. You can use straight Castor Oil, but being the ever lazy person, I wanted something easier and Boots do a Zinc and Castor Oil cream. I just rub a little bit into my nails each night. This also has Zinc Oxide in which from my research is topical for use of skin irritations and forms a protective barrier on the skin. The only issue with this, which is fine for me, is that it contains Peanut Oil, so people with nut allergies will be better with straight castor oil.

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover - £6.45:
I deal with a lot of paper daily and I think constantly picking up paper has a really drying effect on the nails and hands - is that just me. I have been using the Sally Hansen cuticle remover for a couple of weeks and my nails look really neat and tidy and the overall shape looks a lot better. I do when I remember, put cuticle oil on - I like OPI's Avoplex.

As well as these, sometimes it's best just to have a break! I'm off for a little bit from work, so I'm not going to use any nail polish for that time, just to give my nails a nice breather!

What are your top nail care tips? Let me know in comments.

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