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PE Talks: Job Satisfaction

By 7:05 PM

First, let me start off by saying yet again sorry because I haven't been posting! Busy busy, which brings us to today's post really. I am hoping to post every day for 2 weeks, so let's see if I can keep it up. I am starting with my new series, which is called PE Talks, which are going to be more talky post (like I had to explain that lol!), but sometimes, you just need a good natter.

Let's start by saying that I won't be telling you what job I do, just because it's not in the blogging industry and also it really doesn't matter towards the post. I really like the job that I get to do, but this year, I have found that I've not enjoyed it as much as I have in previous years, just because I feel a bit let down in that opportunities arose that I would have loved to do and think I am more than qualified to do and I was overlooked. As just felt a bit second best and I'm not trying to be big headed but I do feel I am good at my job.

At the same time as this, it has been quite hard at work, which is evident from my lack of posting. I've just been so busy and that has taken it's toll a bit and I always feel really tired. And on top of that (I sound so depressing but it does get better!), I am currently applying for a position above mine (the job I do is not what I am qualified for but is in the same industry) and I just don't seem to be getting anywhere. I find it hard to fill in job applications purely because I am one of those people who can read and read something so many times, and miss a little typo or spelling error and I've heard that one spelling mistake can get your application thrown away, which is a little sad if you think about it.

I do know that I am very lucky to actually have a job and I do think about that all the time but then again, it can be hard when you just never seem to get that little bit of luck! I know there are probably other people in my position who are struggling too either find a job or actually get somewhere in the job you like. So here are some points which I am hoping will help me in the next months or so:

1 - Try to find a Positive:
This might be the hardest thing to do sometimes, but finding one little positive thing in your day, can just be that little saving grace. My saving grace is that I really like working with the people who I work with each day and we can always find something to laugh about, even when we are working really hard or are having a rough day. I try to think about these positives more than the negatives, because if I do get a job somewhere else, I will really miss the people I work with.

2 - Talk to people in your job:
I'm not one to gossip behind peoples backs, so when I have a problem or a bad day, I always chat to the people I work with, because a lot of them are more experienced than I am, so usually have some great points of view for me. Sometimes as well, it's just nice to get confirmation that your not the only one thinking a certain way or that your seeing a situation wrong. You can't solve anything by not talking about it and trust me, I of all people can find this really hard to do, I do not like talking to people about things that bother me! I'm trying to quit this though!

3 - Out the door, Out of mind:
Again, I don't take my own advice on this one. I would like to say a jobs a job and that you don't spend your whole time there, but if you think about it, a job is a big part of your life. And if your like me, you don't often leave your work at work. But sometimes you just have to say no. Simple things like watching your favourite show, going to the cinema or even a nice dinner can cheer you up and give you a moment not to think about work. I love to try at least once a month to have a really good day out like a shopping trip with a friend, because it can be so rejuvenating.

4 - Know when to call time:
If you feel you are not getting anywhere in the company or industry that you work for, sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and realise it's time to move on. I'm on itchy feet at the moment, just because I feel that no matter what I do, I don't think I'll ever be given a promotion, so sometimes you are best cutting your loses and moving on. You will miss the people you work with and your routine and how they do things, but sometimes (although not always) the grass can be greener on the other side. Where some might not see you potential, others will.

5 - What goes around, comes around:
All my advice seems to be the exact opposite of what I do or experience, but I need to start listening to myself more. I'm a big believer in that the right job will come to you and that if you don't get an interview, then maybe it wasn't meant to be. If you are good at what you do, work to your best and are a good person, then you get what you deserve. I must have filled out plenty of applications in the last month and it can be so disheartening to not get even an interview (I truly think they want the world sometimes) but when the right fit comes along, when you get that little chance, then I believe things should work out. That is all you need sometimes - a chance, because a chance can lead to bigger or better things.

I hope some of this has help any of you in the same position as myself but if you have any advice for me (as you can see from above, I can't promise I'll take it on board!), then please feel free to comment below! A problem shared is a problem halves (I wonder how many more cliches I can fit in!).

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