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Revolution Make-Up Palettes Review

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I recently did a Revolution haul and I picked up two of the palettes. I decided to post about these separately so you can get a more in depth look at them.

I picked up two palettes. The bigger palette is from the Redemption range. These palettes contain 12 shades and currently come in 10 different options. I got the Iconic 3 palette (I think you can guess why already by that special little number!). I also picked up one from the Eyeshadow and Eyebrow range, which currently has 4 different options. I went for Disappear Till Tomorrow. Both Palettes are £4 each, which is a steal!

Redemption 12 Shade Palette in Iconic 3
Let's start off with what is screaming to everyone from the name - this is similar to the Naked 3 Palette. In fact, if I am being honest, having seen the swatches of the Naked 3, this is so so similar, which to me is not an issue. As much as I think the Naked 3 palette probably is fantastic, I just can't justify the price, when I can get an almost similar, great quality palette for £4.

These eyeshadows are so good! All the swatches below are minus primer, so imagine the payoff with primer! I have been using this palette all this week and it's great for doing really natural looks but with that added extra something! I have enjoyed using a more pink toned neutral palette in comparison to a brown toned neutral palette. The darker tones are especially good - I literally only need one swipe in the palette to get such an amazing colour! I can't honestly fault it other than I wish they were individually named! The swatches below are from left to right in the palette.

Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette in Disappear Till Tomorrow
First off, I have no idea why I got an eyebrow palette when I never fill my eyebrows in! I don't know if that's a beauty fanatic faux par but I just like a more natural brow. But anyway, onto the topic at hand. These slim line palettes have 14 eyeshadows and 2 brow shades. The pans are smaller in size but as I have way too many palettes anyway, I don't think I'll be running through it anytime soon! I didn't think the colour payoff was as good on some shades, but as the pans are smaller, it's hard to get a really good swatch.

Bottom Row Left To Right

Top Row Left To Right

Overall, I think in the cheaper palette war, these are some of the best! I would pick the Redemption Palettes over the Eyeshadow and Eyebrow ones, although I can see their advantage for travelling purposes. There are some other palettes in the Redemption range that I can't wait to try!!

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