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Updated Everyday Make-Up Kit

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I last did one of these at the beginning of September and since then, I have switched up my kit a little. I seem to have a current routine that works well in that it's quick enough to do in the morning and it still has everything I like to get from my look.

To start off my routine, I apply my foundation. I do tend to switch between a couple of foundations, most I have mentioned on here before. At the moment, I am going between two - Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation (in Light Beige) and another, which you will find out about in my May Favourites! I usually spend the most time doing this, because your base in the most important part to get right - you can always blag a dodgy eye look! Once I have foundation down, I move to concealer. I am lucky at the moment with spots (am I jinxing it??!!??), but I do have redder patches on my skin, so I do cover those and under my eyes. I stick to the good old faithful Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1. After that, it's a good powder with Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Transparent. I don't put on too much powder, as I'm not a huge matte look fan, just more to set my base.

Next I move onto cheeks. I like a blush that has a little shimmer too it, so you kind of get a blush and highlight in one. I've really been enjoying the ELF All Over Colour Stick in Lilac Petal. It's like a frosty shimmery pale pink tone and you literally do a couple of slicks on the cheek and it blends so quickly. It's really easy and quick and you don't need to worry about washing a brush. Just don't lean on your cheek during the day - I end up with a shimmery hand so much!

Moving on to eyes and I have really gone back to basic for this. There are the odd days when I reach for a palette of eyeshadows or pick up a liner, but really for work, I just need something simple that will last. Enter Mr Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze (why do Maybelline rename their colours in the UK???). Again, no need for a brush, just whack it on! I must have had mine for a good year and more, and I only just reached the bottom. Good thing they have a 24 month date! I think this is the universal eyeshadow colour because I couldn't imagine it not suiting anyone. I do have the pink rose shade which I do switch to as well. I should really buy more of these.

Mascara is another product I switch between a lot. I have 4 on go at the moment, and I usually just reach for a different one everyday. I will sing the praise of Revlon Grow Luscious to the Heavens, I just think it is personally for me, the best Mascara! I also really like Maybelline Great Last Waterproof Mascara because it's so natural looking on the lashes but still gives that lift you need. My other two at the moment are the Maybelline The Rocket which is getting better, but I still find it a bit clumping and the Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra which leaves clumps again, but I think it might have gone a bit funny!

Finally it's lips and again, I do change this up a fair bit, but my most reached for is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude. I just does a great everyday job, not too showy and just a really nice shade.

Those are my daily picks! What's in you daily make-up look? Let me know in comments.

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