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What Was In My Bag???

By 6:04 PM

Normally when you see these videos on YouTube they are usually called What's In My Bag. However, as I was empty the bag out, I decided it needed a little re-wording. My bag for the past few months has been this Asos Aztec Satchel (I don't think I paid more than £30 for it, but that's what it's on sale at at the moment). I have to say, while it is a really nice bag, I don't think the quality has been that good! It's looking a little bashed already and the handle has broken, that's why I was emptying it. Maybe it's the fact I'm shoving a bag in a locker that is smaller than it, but it never did my other cheaper bags any harm!

I am a hoarder in bags!!! I tend to shove stuff in and sometimes it just never comes back out! I once found a 2 year old receipt in a bag! In the front pocket before the main section I have a receipt from Superdrug (an MUA Palette just in case you want to know!). I have a pen cause you always need a pen. I have a little 17 lipgloss from Boots (no idea!). I have a Nivea Lip Butter that's looking past its best and finally a Miss Sporty concealer pen just for emergency.

First thing from the main section is this really cute Gorjuss fold away shopping bag. As you'll see, I do love Gorjuss things - I just think the drawing is so beautiful and this is really handy. I also have a Hello Kitty make-up bag from H&M which houses hairbands, nail files etc, as otherwise they would be floating round the bottom of my bag.

Next up I have a notepad. I tend to use this to write lists in but again you never know when you might need paper and it's always good to be the one who can say I HAVE THAT. I have my Gorjuss diary, which is a mid year diary, just because they work better for me. The pages are beyond pretty and I happen to get this on sale in TKMaxx last year. I know they have a new one for this year so I will keep my eyes pealed! I also have some very very old but cute sticky tabs because you never know (I am Mary Poppins when it comes to things in my bag!).

I like to have a translucent powder for touch ups and for now this ELF one works but it's not the best but it has a nice big mirror. this makes my next item seem pointless because I have another mirror, but this one is just a lot prettier. I also have a body spray because it's nice to smell nice.

Next is the crap pile! I had a pile of assorted receipts from various places. There was a random lid from a drink. I knew this Dairy Milk Ritz packet was in there, because this is the first one I tried and I loved it, but then I couldn't seem to find them for weeks, so this was to remind me that I hadn't made it up. Finally I have a sealed packet of what I think it gauze! I know it's a weird thing to have but I went to the dentist last month and I had a tooth removed and they gave me this in case it started bleeding again.

Finally in the zip pocket I first had another pen. I justify this cause it's blue. But then I also have another blue pen. You can never have too many pens. I have an MUA stippling brush which I use with my powder sometimes, another receipt and a nail kit, just for emergencies!

So that's what was in my bag. I do also have my purse and phone but they were on the side lol! What do you keep in your bag or what strange things have you found lurking at the bottom? Let me know in comments.

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