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My Shopping Experience: New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Next

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I am an avid shopper both online and in stores. I think there is nothing better than having a shopping day, even if you don't buy anything! It's nice just to grab a friend, pick out new things you might not try and give them a whirl, before heading for a nice lunch. As for online shopping, probably one of the only times you can get away with shopping in your PJ's (although I can imagine people have tried!). So here is a little guide to some stores I like/use and a little vs of their online and in store experiences. And yes, I spent way to much time on my phone creating that image this morning!

New Look

New Look might just be one of my favourite stores. We started off with a really small one in our city, which wasn't so great, but then it moved and now we have a pretty big one! What I love most about New Look is the mixture of styles - they just stick to one sort of person, if you know what I mean. Their shoes are so comfy as well - I've never seen a shop with such comfy shoes. All the clothes in our store are sectioned into looks, which makes it easy say if you are wanting a pair of sweat pant, all those kind of things are together. They also cater for all sizes, with a petite, maternity, inspire (plus size range) and tall, as well as wide fit shoes.

New Look's website is also a really great place to shop. They have may items exclusive to the website, as well as their Tall brand, which while I know might be in some stores, is not in mine. The best thing about the website though is when the sales are on! Everything is in one place, so you can just look through page after page, which I find really easy and better than rifling through racks, cause the images are clear. Delivery is good as you can get it sent to store for free.

Any Issues:
I personally have never had any real problems with New Look. I find the sizing very good and true fitting. If I've ever needed a refund, I've been given one. The only problem I had was I ordered something online and they sent the wrong size, but I went in store and they sent me a new one free of charge in the right size.

Online/In Store: In store but Online for sales (and a pre-browse!).

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins use to be one of my go to shops, until they took it from an indvidual store in my city and put it into BHS, which cut it down in size a lot. They only now really sell a lot of basics with a few more individual items. I much preferred the single store. I do pick up the occasional thing (like my parka which I love!), but not very often.

Dorothy Perkins online is a really good website. They also have Petite, Maternity and Tall online. There is no plus size range as there regular range goes up to bigger sizes. I really love the Tall selection online as they have some great pieces, but they also do Long leg, which is inbetween regular and tall, so they do cater for a lot of leg lengths. I LIVE in their jeggings, they are the best for fit and style I have ever seen. They have a good mix of colours and styles, but they could do with some more patterns. Delivery to store is free now although they use to charge £2.

Any Issues:
Sizing wise I've never had a problem and I can buy without trying with the jeggings now as they are consistent in sizing. I did have one online issue where my item was sent to store, I was then told I'd collected it, which I hadn't and they actually sent it back. However, this worked out for the best for me, cause the item went on sale after that, so I got it for a discount and they gave me free home delivery as compensation!

Online/In Store: Online - personally for me because of more selection in range.


I never use to understand why people went crazy over Next. But over the last few years, I have got a new found appreciation for it. We have quite a good size store in our city and I have often found some nice gems in the sale their. I have a top I wear for work and I always get compliments whenever I wear it! Like the other two stores, they feature Plus Size, Petite, Tall and Maternity.

Next Online is an OK website, although I sometimes find it hard to get a thumbnail page, as they like their slideshows, which is a nuisance. I do like the clearance section as you can quickly search for specific items. They also have a tall and long option, which is great and they are very true to fit. One thing which I'm almost sure I saw in store and have seen a little online, is they price different from smaller to bigger sizes, which I can't really see the fairness in. Delivery is good as it's free to store.

Any Issues:
Again, not had any issues. I've always found their clothing to be very good quality which means they can be a little more pricy, but it's often best to pay a little more for quality. Apart from the pricing between sizes, I can't say I have any issues.

Online/In Store: No real preference but instore you can smell the fragrances!

Which are your favourite instore and online shops? Let me know in comments.

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