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Overnight Packing

By 6:24 PM

This week I am off to London for two days! It should hopefully be really fun but not if you are a bad packer! I fall into the over packer category in that I will pack for every possible outcome, even if I am only going for 1 night, which this trip is. Even though their is a 99% chance it will not snow, I would probably pack for that if I could! So I thought I'd share with you what is in my overnight toiletry bag.

First up, it's facial skin care. I was lucky enough to get a set of mini Simple products for christmas and as I knew this trip was coming, I saved them. The facial wash and moisturiser are not the ones I am currently using but I have used these in the past. I am not taking night cream cause being honest, I'll be that knackered it will be one step too many! I can always use my day cream anyway! In the bottle is some Micellar make-up remover. I got a little set of travel bottles from Primark and for a £1, they are actually really strong! I also need some cotton rounds for removal and cotton wool for my toner.

Please excuse the blur, I was taking these on my iphone cause my camera battery crapped out and I am not the steadiest of hands! Next I have a mini deodorant, a razor (just for emergencys really!) and a normal toothbrush. This is just a cheap one that I can throw away after use. I was looking for a mini toothpaste and couldn't find one, but then I ordered something from Dorothy Perkins and this came as a sample - it was fate! I also have a dry shampoo because I shouldn't need to wash my hair and this will just give it a boost. I haven't tried this scent so I'm looking forward too it (is that slightly sad??).

As I am ever the pocrastinator, I have antibacterial hand wipes - you just never know! I'll probably put these in my handbag. Just out of shot I also have tissues, which will probably go in my bag too. I have a lipbalm cause you always need a lipbalm and then some sun cream. I got a sample in Glamour which was perfect for travelling, but as it's meant to be sunny, I've also packed a little in this mini container from my travel set. I also have a brush cause you just need a brush and some bug bite cream because I always get bug bites - I must be particulary tasty!

Back with the shaky cam! I also packed some spare hair bands and shower gel. I also found this cool down spray as London is meant to be very hot not week, so I think this will come in use a lot!

For Make-Up brushes, I have packed any that I won't use on the day. I have two brushes that I go between for foundation, so I just packed one already so it's less to worry about. I also packed a couple of eyeshadow brushes. On the day, I will only need to pack my powder and blush brush. These Real Technique pouches are so handy and have plently of space!

For make-up, I can luckily pack most of it away now. I am taking my Rimmel Wake-Me Up Foundation because it's got great coverage and it lasts. I'll be packing my powder and concealer on the day. For Mascara I am taking two tried and tested ones. I have a Revlon Grow Luscious and a Maybelline Waterproof one as if it's hot I don't want to look like I've melted! For eyes, I am taking two great Make-Up Revolution eyeshadows, as well as the Focus & Fix primer. I threw in a black eyeliner if I want to jazz it up a bit. I'm taking a favourite Rimmel Blush (I believe I put in Santa Rose!) as well as some favourite lip products (Rimmel Notting Hill Nude and Lipgloss which for the life of me I can't remember the name, as well as an MUA nude lipgloss and Shy Girl by Mac). All this will go in a clear pouch in my toiletry bag.

Finally, this is my bag. This is Primark goodness and I just love the print. It has some handy pockets inside too and you can fit a lot in it!

What are you holiday packing tips for an overpacker? Let me know in comments.

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