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Review: Next Nuit Black Dark Eau De Parfum

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I went on a teeny shopping afternoon with my friend yesterday and while I did come back with a lovely pair of boots and a pair of jeggings, I also treated myself to a new perfume in Next.

For a high street brand, Next do some incredibly lovely perfumes! I haven't smelt one yet that I didn't like and they are great to give as a gift to a friend for a birthday. I recently bought my sister the L’Eau Rose Eau De Parfum which was heavenly and I also own myself the Live Laugh Love perfume, which sadly they don't sell anymore.

These were new to me personally, but they could have been out a while. They are the Blanc White Light Eau De Parfum and the one I got, the Nuit Black Dark Eau De Parfum. The website calls it Noir, but it does say Nuit on my packaging, that lets not quibble about wording. I feel these are very similar in style to the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White fragrances, but judging by the notes, they have different scents. I really like the packaging as while I'm not against a lovely looking bottle, I do actually like the classic shape. And more so than with any other perfume, I do notice a slight change in scent the more you have it on.

I was very surprised that I actually went for the Nuit one, as it does contain musk, which is a style of fragrance I do not usually go for. But there was something about the smell that I just loved. The two reminded me of Liquorice and Aniseed. What I love about Next perfume as well is that there is no namby pamby speech about the mix of notes, it just tells you straight away on the packet, the top, heart and base. Straight shooting!

The top notes of this are Orchid and Bergamot. I'm not suprised I like this because Katy Perry's "Killer Queen" has Bergamot in too and it's citrus, which brings out my love of fruity fragrances. The heart is Jasmine and Blackberry. Then finally the base notes are Amber and Musk. I know the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume has a Musk and Amber base too, so maybe this is why I'm liking musk more.

Overall, I really like this perfume and at £8 for 50ml, it's a fantastic price. I am half tempted to go get the Blanc one too. I hope my skill in perfume description have improved (aka basically telling you what the packaging says!).

What are your favourite perfumes now or do you have a signature scent? Let me know in comments.

Just a quick PS, Happy Birthday to my friend, Pasca and make sure to check back tomorrow, as if everything goes right this afternoon, I will have my first ever baking post!

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