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Revoultion Make-Up New Goodies

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As soon as Revolution Make Up put some new goodness up on their site, I quickly filled up my basket with a few of the new products. As well as a lot of new palettes, there are also some additions to the face base part of the range. I would have loved to have picked up all the palettes, but I just went for a couple. I will be doing a separate review on the Girls On Film Salvation Eyeshadow palette, so you can get a good look at it. But on continue of for the other product reviews, as well as a look at saw gorge glitter card that I felt the sudden urge to bust out for these pics!

Ultra Face Base Foundation in FB 02 Pink Tone - £3.00
I was a tad confused at this product at first, because it says it's a foundation and a bb cream, which does seem a little confusing. It does have that sheen that bb cream does has, but it also has foundation coverage - it can't make up its mind. What I like about this product is the way the colour tones are labels. They have really hit the nails on the head for pink tones and yellow tones skin, although without swatches, it would be unclear about the actual skin shade. It says you get 30ml for the price, but in comparison to my Rimmel Wake Me Up, which is also 30ml, it looks a lot less.

I have tried this twice and I really like the coverage, as it is quite natural, but the shade also works great for me. It was a really hot day yesterday and I will say that there wasn't much left when I cam to take my make-up off, which I don't find with Rimmel foundations. It is still a good base product thought, especially as it covers without being too thick and heavy.

Ultra Bronze, Shimmer and Highlight - £4.00
I'm not a huge bronzer user, but I really likes the three tones of this product, so that's why I selected it. But believe me when I say - this thing is a thing of size! It just fits in the palm of my hand and I'm not small handed. It has a really cool raised texture and the separate shades are wide enough that you can use them alone, or swirled together.

(left to right - highlight / shimmer / bronzer / swirled)

I really like all the individual shades, but I think swirled is where they come up a treat, you can really see how all the colours work together. I used this yesterday and it is really natural, more bronze than orange, which is great for the fairer of skin. They only thing I could find missing from this would be a nice big mirror in the lid.

Pressed Powder in Translucent - £2.00
I'm gonna get this our there right now, this product is a huge fail for me. The biggest mistake in this product is that it just isn't translucent, it is so orange toned that I can't actually use it! This is big sad point because packaging wise, they hit the nail on the head, with the mirror and holder for the sponge - it would be so handy in a handbag. I think I should have known in colour order, as Porcelain is before Translucent on the site; I wish I had gone for that. Luckily, at £2.00, it isn't a big loss, but I think this is one product they should look at again. You can see below a comparison with Rimmel's Stay Matte in Translucent which you can just barely see above it.

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice - £6.00
I really like the idea of a blusher palette! It is so handy and it just gets you to switch up your blusher a lot more. I was really excited to see this palette, because the picture online makes the colours looked like nice golden/coral based, which is my preference over more red/pinked toned blushes. However, in real life, this was a little disappointing, because they are a lot more warmer - the picture does make them look a lot cooler, although the name should really give it away! I would love a palette like the image thought. I would have also loved the box packaging to have translated onto the palette itself - it's a little dull.

(top row left to right)

(bottom row left to right)

Saying that though, the colours are nice and you get a good payoff. I used one of these shades today and liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I just wish the image was not as misleading on the website - I've been played by that before with another brand.

Overall, I am neither unhappy nor happy with the selection above. I think there are a couple for great products, but also a couple that are just OK. Having not tried out the eyeshadow palette yet, I can't wait to swatch it for you. Stay tuned for that later this week.

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