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Essie Haul Via Fragrance Direct

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I have a lot of nail polish but that isn't the focus of this post lol! The main reason for saying that is that I have tried a far few different brands. However, one that I haven't really tried all that much is Essie. I can't even explain why as they have some really beautiful colours and lots of people love their nail products. But I just never seem to go towards them all that much.

However, when I was on Fragrance Direct the other day, I saw that not only did they have a lot of new Essie polishes in but they have also had a site revamp. I do like the simplicity of the design but one thing that did annoy me is that the names are not next to the individual colour anymore, and they aren't in order of when they were added, cause the newer ones use to be at the bottom. Lets just say I'll have to pay more attention now!

Essie polishes go for a bargain of £2.25 for 13.5ml and the 4 that I chose all come from the Essie Holiday 2013 Encrusted Treasures Collection, which only came out at the end of last year, so I was really surprised to see these on discount already. I remember seeing the collection in a copy of Teen Vogue and loving it, so I'm glad I was able to pick some up.

My favourite out of that whole collection was "On A Silver Platter", so I was so pleased to pick this up. It's a really cool mix of like a white yellow gold, with piece of blue glitter. I think it's a really unusual but unique combination. I think this would be best layered over a pale colour, but I could imagine it going opaque in 3 coats.

Next is "Hors D'Oeurves" which is a mixture of gold and silver. I can't quite tell if it's a gold base with silver glitter or a gold base with silver glitter, it's so mesmerising! I'd say this is a slightly lighter in colour version of Maybelline's "Knitted Gold". Again, I think this would be best layered or again could go opaque in 3.

"Peak Of Chic" is my actual first feather glitter polishes (if that's what you call it!). It's a clear base with white and multi colour fine line glitter. I've seen these around a lot and never felt the need to try one. But seeing this, I now see what I was missing. This will always be a layering polish over a base polish.

The final polish is "Belugaria" which to look at, you would think is a black polish with glitter chunks. But then it dries and you get that textured effect. I did look at swatches before hand and for some reason my brain must have missed this, but looking at swatches since, it seems a bit of a hot mess of a polish. It doesn't dry the nicest, but I think if you played with it a bit, you could get a nice look. A rather unusual polish but it might try out good.

I can't wait to get some nail looks going with this. I think that Peak of Chic will be a good polish for an exciting event happening next week, but I'll let you in on that more later. These polishes are still in stock, so head on over to Fragrance Direct and snap them up asap - I can't imagine them lasting long!

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