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June Favourites

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June has been a month of a lot of new products for me and while some haven't made it into my favourites just yet, stay tuned because they might next month.

First off, lets go with an old favourite, a nail varnish favourite. One of my favourite combos of this month was Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters and Revlon Sequins. The two worked a treated together and looked like a subtle polka dot. The best thing was I wore this for like 5 days with very minial tip wear! It just lasted. You can't get Revlon Sequins as it was a limited edition free with purchase, but you can find lots of similar ones and they might bring it out in the future as a free gift again.

I got this Next Noir perfume this month and I can't stop picking it up in the morning! It really isn't my usual scent but for some reason, I really love it. I think you get that sometimes when you just find something you can't explain why you love. It's really light and refreshing and perfect. Enough said!

I went to London for a couple of days and it's also been really sunny of late and while my foundation has SPF, this kind of weather needed a more proper functioning SPF. This Malibu Face Cream is SPF 30 and protects from UVA and UVB and what I like the most is that it not thick and creamy like a normal sunscreen. It's really light and more like a moisturiser, so it doesn't leave white marks. And it's handy for travel.

I got a Tangle Teezer last month and loved it last month, but the idiot I am, I forget to put it in my last one! I have crazy wild hair in the morning and it works really well at getting rid of those tangles and notes and without hurting. It's good for smoothing a ponytail too! I recommend it for anyone.

I tried the Real Techniques Buffing Brush as an actual foundation brush this month, instead of a powder brush and I was very impressed. It does exactly what it's called, which is buffing that foundation in and really leaving a flawless look. I don't know if at the moment it will out do the expert face brush but it's getting there.

A weird one for a favourite but I really really love the Bodycare Extra Thick Cotton Pads. These are nice and chunky and perfect for removing make-up cause it soaks up the make-up really well and it doesn't fall apart easily. Plus, and this is the best part, they are dirt cheap!

For non beauty favourites, TV has been all about saying goodbye this month and finding anything to watch other than the bloody football! I have been trying to enjoy some Tennis but honestly, there is nothing new. I'm hoping we get some new newness soon! again, movies have not really been anything new, but I have watched a lot this month because of that dreaded football. The other day I decided to watch Les Mis at 9.30 at night and I truly forgot how much I liked that movie. I wish I could sing everything I wanted to say!

I'ved read some really good books this month. I started with Fallen by Lauren Kate, which I enjoyed a lot. It sets up the series really well and seems like an interesting plot so I'm looking forward to reading more. I very very much enjoyed Ketchup Cloud by Annabel Pitcher. The plot of this is so good that you constantly feel like there it more to come, which there is. It just keeps you engaged. I also read If I stay, which is a great book too. I just stared Maze Runners, which someone finally brought back to the library, and it's hard to follow at first, but I'm getting use to it.

I've not had a lot of new music favourites this month. Ever since I stopped listening to Radio 1 in the morning (I can't stand Nick Grimshaw's voice!), I don't seem to be in the new music as much as I use to. But one song I do love, which is actually more of a dance song which is unusual for me is Zedd and Foxes, Clarity, which has only just come out in the UK I believe. It's perfect to sing too!

What would be you June favourites? Let me know in comments.

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