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What's In My Lipstick Holder?

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I was browsing TKMaxx the other day and ended coming out with a butt load of stuff! I never usually buy much in there and if I do, it tends to be a bag lol! But I got some lovely birthday presents for a friend, some fantastic nail polish (including the very rare OPI Spotted which I have yet to play with) and some really great lipstick and nail varnish acrylic storage. So today, I am going to share with you what I put in my lipstick holder. Sorry if some of the photos are fuzzy, my battery on my camera died as I took the first one, so I used my iPhone.

This lipstick holder is by an American brand called Bino. It's a pretty hefty one too, so it's very well made. You can store 18 lipstick in it and they hold a good size lipstick, so if you have any bigger tubes, they will fit in perfectly. I believe this was £4.99, which is very reasonable for the quality. I'll take you through row by row and I've linked to any posts where I have swatched them previously.

On the first row, I have my Maybelline lipsticks. I was very lucky that when I came to film this, they all had stickers on the bottom! Plaza Pink is a muted berry shade, Sweet Pink is a lovely nude pink with a little hint of sparkle and Tantalizing Taupe is another nude shade, but on the beige side. These are all the Colour Sensational line.

Next on this row is my favourite ever Rimmel lipstick, Notting Hill Nude from the Moisture Renew line. I think I have used this lipstick more than any other, it's such a universal nude shade. I haven't tried it in the new repackaged ones yet, so I don't know if it has changed at all. Next is one of my only two Mac products, which is the Shy Girl lipstick in the Cremesheen finish. As this is to me a more expensive lipstick, I really don't reach for it that much, but I should use it more. Finally is another of my favourite nudes, which is a beige nude, is the Cheryl Nude from the L'Oreal Colour Riche line. This is another I reach for a lot and I love love love the packaging, it is quite high end for a high street lipstick.

On the second row we start with my other MAC lipstick, which is Crosswire. I looked at a bunch of swatches before picking my MAC shades and I loved the swatch of this on other people, but I don't think it works on me, because I have a naturally redish lip and I don't like red lipstick and that's what it comes off like on mine. Next is a BarryM Lipaint in 154. This is a very pale peach nude so I tend to save this for nights out. Finally I have a Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 26. This is a peach shade rather than a nude shade, but it is still a pretty colour, but one I've had to play around with a bit.

Next up is another Rimmel Kate lipstick in 07. This is a dark pink shade which I love for day to day. I tend to dab it on rather than slick it on. Next are two 17 ones, the first being Beehive from the Mirror Shine line, which the world and their mother have. I just think again it is a universal nude shade. This is the old packaging which I love more than the new, and I think the new has a slight different tone. Next is Bella from the Supreme Shine line which is an unusual brown nude shade that works well on me.

This last row contains all but 2 of my Revlon Lip Butters. You can see swatches of all my lip butters here. I would like to get some more of these as I only have the more natural tones, rather than the vivid ones. The first 3 are Peach Parfait, Strawberry Shortcake and Cotton Candy.

Then we have Creme Brulee and Pink Truffle. The last lipstick is a Collection lipstick in Satin Bow from the Volume Sensation line, which is a sheer peach shade.

I hope you have enjoyed a look at my lipsticks (I have more but these are my go too's!). Stay tuned for a what's in my nail polish holder and let me tell you - that took a while to choose!

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