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What's In My Nail Polish Holder?

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Apologies for the rather long absence. First off, I got pretty busy at work and if that wasn't lovely enough, I then got mild food poisoning, which believe me was not delightful. Let's just say I have been put off chicken burgers for a while! Anyway, long overdue, but here is what is currently in my nail polish holder.

This again is by the brand Bino and stores 15 nail polish, fitting OPI sized bottles, but it does struggle with the Nicole by OPI ones, but they are a funny shape. I think is was around £6.99 and I thought it would be good because all my polishes are in draws inside my wardrobe, so it's nice to have a few on display, as lets face it - nail polishes are pretty!!

On the first row I put my favourite polishes and I hate to admit it, but I love me some OPI! The first three are literally my all time favourite top 3 polishes. First is Gone Gonzo which is from the first Muppets Collection. I didn't really like any of the new Muppet collection from this year, but there are still some I would love from the first run. This is very hard to get now, but Revlon do a near dupe called Radiant which only differs very slightly in that there is some added chunks of green glitter. Next is a very sad looking bottle from the Nicki Minaj collection called Did It On Em. Fun fact (said very loosely!), this is the only nail polish I have 2 of! I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan but I did love a lot of that collection. Next is Call Me Gwen-Ever from the Spider-Man collection. You've heard me rattle this out a couple of time, but I don't like pure pillar box red nail varnish but I do love coral tones. Last we have Tiffany Case from the Bond Girls collection, which is a Liquid Sands polish. I can't help but stare at this when I wear it - it is one of the most pretty polishes I have and I think it would work on so many skin tones. Finally is a Nicole by OPI polish in Kendall on The Katwalk, from one of the Kardashian collections. Again, not a fan of them, but they can make a lovely polish!

Next row might be called my Sally Hansen row. Again, I've never come across a Sally Hansen polish that I haven't liked quality wise, but on of these I didn't get one with. I tried to pick on some summer colours as well as ones that I haven't tried yet. First up is Lacey Lilac, which I would describe as a Barbie colour. It basically says it all in the name! Ivory Skull is a name I love, and it's a white polish from the Prabal Gurung collection for Sally Hansen. I think white nails can look really pretty but you have to get the shade of white right and this is a nice classy white. Bandage is from the Alexander Wang collection and is a beige skin tone shade which I haven't tried yet, but would look really nice as a basic nail. Tahitan Sun was a shade I thought I would love but I tired this the other day and it just wouldn't dry. I haven't come across a peach orange shade yet that I've managed to get on with. The last shade on this row I'm wearing right now and I love it! I really like turquoise blues but I thought this might come off more sky toned, which is weird. This is The Sky's The Limit and another fun fact - when I bought this, I got another blue polish and they looked exactly the same.

The top row is a mix of polishes that are either nice colours or top coat glitters. First is Revlon Stunning, which is silver glitter mix that I have on now too. It's a nice subtle glitter, so it doesn't overpower the colour underneath. Next is a colour which I think is perfect for summer, but I haven't had the guts to try yet cause I can imagine it standing out! This is Butterfly Stroke by Sally Hansen. I really like the Insta-Dri bottles and they brushes are the perfect shape for my nails. I hardly ever make mistakes with them. The next is a cheeky double, because they are tiny bottles! When I got these L'Oreal polishes I imagined myself wearing them all the time and I have yet to do so! The copper glitter is Copper Cuff and the black/gold mix is Bronze Parure and you can actually get these quite opaque, so I'm going to try these when I go see a musical next month! Next is a Revlon scented polish called Passion Fruit and as I love love purple, this one came home with me. I do smell the scent but you also got that polish smell too. Finally is a blue green glitter mix from Sally Hansen with the wonderful name, 3 2 1derland. This was a pound shop find - I love it when you get some great gems in the pound shop, it's worth the delve.

Coming next I have my favourites for July and then I have a lovely haul from Fragrance Direct!

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