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Wilko Haul Pt1 ft Essence

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I never thought I'd start a post called a Wilko's haul, but having ventured into my Wilko's on Tuesday, it's totally been updated and has a great new beauty section including the long awaited arrival of Essence. When I first heard that Essence was coming to the UK, I probably screamed my house down, because it is a brand I have long love for their nail varnishes but then it turned out it was only going to be in a few Wilko's initially. It must have been a good success in those though, because I was so surprised to see it in ours, considering it is not the biggest (I better not have jinxed it now!).

I went a bit crazy when I saw it and just dumped a load of stuff in my basket, but I think to be honest I was quite withheld in what I chose. I was half tempted by the Gel Nails kit but I luckily did a little research online before hand and I don't think it is worth the money and plus, I change my nails that much, so a little chipping between friends is nothing. I already own some of the varnishes thanks to a lovely German friend of mine (you can see that post here). But I was really interested to try some of their other products. That is not to say I completely buy passed the nails section thought. So lets start there.

I'm seeing a general theme occurring when I buy nail varnish in that I always go for blues and greens - stupid thing it's not even my favourite colour and yet I disregarded the purple section! The three shades I picked up left to right are Miss Universe, That's What I Mint and Galactic Glam. I certainly did not need any more mint polishes, but low and behold, it fell in (with some help from me). Apart from Miss Universe, they were two coats, with that one being three as it is slightly thinner. I also picked up a topcoat called XXXL Shine Gel Look Top Coat. These swatches have it as a top coat and I think it has a great shine, especially on the mint shade, but I haven't tested longevity on nails yet, but I think this is more about the shine.

I thought a lipgloss would be another good pick cause I clearly don't have enough of them. I surprised myself by picking up the XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in Velvet Rose as it is a Matte finish, which is something I've never really had a good experience with before. But I tried this as soon as I got home and I really liked it, because it's not overly matte, but your lips do need to be in a good condition, because it will highlight any cracks or peeling. It's a pretty dark nude pink, which I think would be a good universal shade and it did last a long time on my lips. It has the longest doe foot applicator I have ever seen, go check it out!

Finally, with my BB cream coming to an end soon, I thought I'd go one better and try a CC Cream. What impressed me most about this was the SPF 30, which is always good to have. Strangely enough, I was reading a post on British Beauty Blogger the other week and this happen to come up when I saw the name of the shade - Natural. The article talked about the name natural in reference to a skin tone and it really got me thinking what a bad shade name that is, because everyone's own personal skin tone is natural to them so how can they classify a shade as being natural. this is actually the only shade they run and I don't know if it is a one shade fits all situation because this isn't. It is a tad darker than my foundation but as it is a little sheerer, I think I can get away with it with some good blending, but they could have thought of a better name.

Having typed all this I completely disregarded prices lol! All of this was on 3 for 2, so I got two of the nail polishes for free, but here are individual prices:

CC Cream - £4.00
Nail Polish - £1.60
Top Coat - £1.70
Lipgloss - £2.30

If Essence hasn't made it into your Wilko's yet, it is all avaliable on their website at Wilko.Com and I do think they have a slightly more expanded range. Stay tuned for part two coming tomorrow (hopefully if I have not entered a Grey's Anatomy Season 9 coma!).

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