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August Favourites 2014

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If there were ever a time to leave an August favourites till the last minute, then it would be today, it being the last day of August. Said tardiness shall be explained later. This month I haven't used a lot of new bits, because I've been off work all month (heaven!). But if you didn't know, because I haven't said it a million times, it was my birthday earlier this month. So this months favourites is a few new things from myself and some lovely gifts.

First off let's start with nails. Fun fact - I spent 2 hours the other day sorting through my stash to try and purge some nail polishes - I got rid of two!! I have issues! But looking through it helped me some polishes I haven't used in a while, so I'll do an updated nail polish holder later this week. I haven't worn much polish this month, but this week I tried the two different colours, one on each hand look and I really loved it! My favourite combo though started with this Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Passion Fruit, which is a gorgeous - and yes I did just google shades of purple! - a pansy purple, according to wikipedia! You can't get this any longer, but your sure to find a similar colour. I topped it with this L'Oreal Color Riche Polish in Copper Cuff. I love this combo particularly because I have a top from Next which is that shade of purple with stripes of copper sequins!

Next up is lip products. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't love a lip crayon - I have a fair few myself! They are just so easy. I have been looking at the Revlon ColorBurst Blams for a while, when they reorganised them into mattes and lacquers. I always find the colours really daunting because the packaging is so bright but I really love this one from the Lacquer collection in Demure. It's just a lovely really natural pink that is slightly more nude and wearable. I also picked up a lip crayon from NYC. I haven't really tried any of their products other than their bronzer and nail products. But I couldn't pass up this nude brown beige shade, which has the lovely name of Nolita Netural. Again, such a wearable shade, the only problem is mine is broke so the crayon moves around a little.

I picked up this Wilko Powder Brush earlier this month, possibly even July and I have been trialing it the past few weeks and I gotta say - it's good! It lovely and soft and the face and it doesn't cake the product on, it gives you just enough to set your make-up. My only issue and this is just me being picky, is that because my powder has hit pan in the middle, the brush always misses it! Maybe I should just get a new powder.

My final two favourites from this month are some lovely gifts from my sister. As if I didn't have enough perfume already (I don't think 10 is a lot!), I got another lovely scent from Next called Femme. I think my sister picked it cause it is my favourite colour, purple, but it's a gorgeous scent - Next do some of the best budget friendly perfumes. I'm not even going to attempt a description but as the website description features the word fruit, you so know that is my kind of fragrance! I also got a lovely Mango Body Whip from the Body Shop. I adore the scent of Mangos (that and passion fruit are my fave scents), so this is right up my alley. I gotta say, it took me a while to decide if this was a lotion or bath product, but it's a lotion and the scent lasts really well on the skin.

This months first non beauty favourite is Friends!!! I am the biggest Friends addict from when it originally aired and as E4 no longer have it, I haven't watched it in a while. So I have been beasting it on the Complete Collection Series Boxset. I am already on Season 10. This September is also the 20th anniversary of when Friend first aired (22nd if I'm right), so I will be celebrating it accordingly! There really isn't a comedy show that matches up to Friends, but I do have a soft spot for the Big Bang Theory, but Friends remains my favourite show of all time. The gag reels are so funny too. With all my Friends watching their hasn't been much time for movies, but I did go see The Guardians of The Galaxy and enjoyed it so much more than I expected and music is so epic in that movie.

Books haven't featured much this month thanks to Friends but I am slowly making my way through the Lauren Kate Fallen series. As for my music favourite, this is actually a live event - Mamma Mia. I have never seen Mamma Mia apart from the movie, but I am a huge ABBA fan. So when it came to the Blackpool Winter Gardens recently, I was on it and I was so not disappointed. Nearly had a heart attack from the loudness of the music but it was so much fun.

So what is to come in September? I am back to work sadly, but Strictly Come Dancing is back and I have applied for tickets at Blackpool so keep your fingers crossed!

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