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Wilko Haul Pt2

By 11:21 AM ,

Well hello and a long overdue part 2 to my Wilko haul. If you have seen my twitter, I got stuck in a Grey's Anatomy Season 9 marathon binge but now it is over and season 10 is not out yet on DVD, so I'm sad. But I'll cheer myself up by sharing with you my part 2 of my Wilko's haul, which features the brand new brushes that Wilko's have produced. I apologies if the photos are crappy, but I hurt my right wrist and being right handed, it was pretty hard to take them lol!

I was watching an episode of ThePersianbabe the other week, when I notice her mentioning these brushes and I thought that the quality looked so good, so when I went to the store to check them out, I was surprised by the range. They've really thought about the brushes carefully and there is nothing cheap about them, considering they range from £3-4. As Barbara mentioned in the video, they do look similar to the Real Techniques brushes, but a lot of brushes do. I picked up 3 brushes - the powder brush, the eye make-up smudger and the concealer brush. The powder brush was £4, while the other two were £3.

The first thing I noticed about the powder brush was just how soft it is! They are all synthetic brushes and this feels like a teddy bear. It is soft than my real techniques powder brush but that one has seen some use. I did a pull test on the bristles and nothing came out which is a good sign. This has a pretty hefty head on it, so it would be perfect for powdering and for bronzer. The eye brush I purchased for blending. Again, it is really soft and would be great in the crease. The concealer brush I actually bought to use as a pencil brush for eye looks, because it has that kind of head on it. I haven't used any of these yet, but I am off out for a treat tonight, so I am going to give them all a test drive, so check out my favourites to see if any make it in at the end of the month.

On first glance, these brushes are very impressive. I would love to try the foundation brush, it looks as good as the rest. Have you tried any Wilko brushes? Let me know in comments.

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