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Avene Thermal Spring Water

By 2:26 PM

To say as of late that me and my foundation have not been getting on would be an understatement. Sometimes you have the occasional odd bad foundation day, but it was patchy, cakey - things just were not going right. I remember reading somewhere about the Avene Thermal Spring Water being good for refreshing make-up, so I thought I'd give it a go.

The Avene Thermal Spring Water comes in 3 different sizes - 300ml (£10), 150ml (£6.50) and 50ml (£3.50). As I am just trying the product, I decided to go for the mini size, which is also handy for travelling and for your handbag too. It is a spray action pump similar to what you would get on hairspray or deodorant.

I didn't realise how many things this product can do. It suggested for use after razor burn or hair removal, which is something I would love to try it for, as I don't know about you and hopefully this isn't too much tmi, but after shaving my legs they can itch up a storm! It can be quite painful and so if this can help with that, then bring it on. It also helps with facial redness, which I do suffer with as well, but my main purpose for buying it was for make-up.

I've tried this out the past couple of days (with a different formula of a foundation I currently use and a new primer, which I will feature later this week), and I have to say, I really liked the look of my foundation. I don't know if this helped with that, but I did notice more of a staying power, as I don't think I used as much foundation as I usually do and there was considerably more left on when I went to remove it. I haven't tried it with my regular foundations yet, but I will do tomorrow and report back! Overall it is a great handy product that I can't wait to test drive some more!

Have you tried this product before or can recommend any other Avene products? Let me know in comments!

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