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Body Shop Skin Care Haul

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In today's post I'm going to talk to you about a few new things that I am trialling for my skin care routine. A lot of blogs seem to talk about The Body Shop for skincare, which is something I've never really been into before. When I was very young, I use to go into the body shop all the time for their soaps and those little almost like little plastic bath balls, that would burst in the bath - do they sell them still? Now a days, I don't really go into mine, because the staff aren't the nicest in it, which is a shame. I'm not the only one to say it either but due to the wonder that is the internet, I don't have to!

While I have read about a few products, I decided to use the new Skin Care Diagnostic Tool. It is a set of questions that you answer and at the day, you are given a day and night routine, as well as a few extra products that are targeted treatments that you can try. You can do an express survey or the complete one, which really doesn't take long at all. You get asked questions about skin type, areas you need to address, as well as life question (eg, smoking, stress, ect). It's so easy to go through, but I don't know if you get the same results each time, because I have tried multiple combinations of what I thought I put in originally and can't come up with how I got the results I did. Nevertheless, here are my results.

I decided straight off that I wasn't going to buy all the products at once, as I already have some of my own that I favour for moisturiser, ect. I got £10 off when I spent £25, but they have a 40% offer on at the moment, so they always seem to have some sort of offer on, which is really good. I choose the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser (£8.50 for 200m) from the day routine, the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment (£12 for 30ml) from the night routine and the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask (£13 for 100ml) from the targeted treatment section. I also added a Born Lippy Watermelon Lip Balm (£2.00 for 10ml) to tip me over into free postage!

I can understand why the Seaweed products were in my routine, as they are for combination/oily skin which I think can describe me really well. Not to sure on why the Aloe cleanser was there, as it is for sensitive skin, which I don't have, but it never hurts to use a product made for sensitive skin. I am going to be trying these out over the next few weeks, so by the end of the month I shall have a report on my findings lol! I shall be using my Simple toner and moisturiser as well, plus the Garnier Micellar Water for make-up removal.

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