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Yet Another Nail Haul!!

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I can't imagine a month not going by on PE and there not being a nail haul - I'm obsessed, it's a sickness! But to be fair to this haul, it was only a £4 haul, as the pound shop well and truly did it again! The day the pound shops restock their nail polishes is just heaven - I am a kid in a candy shop! This haul has got to be one of my favourites and let me tell you - I did some digging on those racks to get these. But I think they hide all the best ones at the back!

What makes this a great haul for me is that fact that I'm not even sure they actually sell the Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes in the UK yet - I could be wrong, but I haven't seen them in Boots or on the Sally Hansen UK website, but feel free to disprove me! The first Sally Hansen Triple Shine, which I have a close up below of, is in the shade Pearly White, and is a chunky fleck glitter top coat. The second shade is Sparktacular, which is an sheer orange base with a mixture of silver and copper glitter. The two Revlon shades are Blue Slate, which is a muted blue grey and Rain Forest, which is an emerald green with a green gold shimmer running through it.

All these shades have really impressed me, though Sparktacular would have been better if it built up a little more opaque, but a good base colour under that, like a black, would really set it off nicely. I especially love Rain Forest, just that extra shimmer running through it makes it incredible. Have you found any £1 bargains lately? Let me know in comments.

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