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New Years Resolutions

By 6:42 PM ,

Hello 2015! This is probably going to be said by a lot of people, but 2014 just went by didn't it! I can't say that my 2014 was very eventful, because truly not a lot happened. I don't stay up for New Years either and mine ended not very nicely, but I'm not going to go into that as to spoil yours. Safe to say, I hope the start of my 2015 is a good one.

I don't often make resolutions, purely because I never stick to them! However, I thought it might be nice to set some resolutions or goals, then I can looks back on them this time next year and see if I managed to achieve them! I'm also thinking of making a 2015 box and putting in a little memory of each day on a little slip of paper and seeing what I collect over the year. Tonight's, I can already successfully say, will be around the fact that it is the last Miranda tonight - I may cry! Some of these resolutions are silly, but some I do hope to achieve.

1 - Get a new job
I have grown pretty tired of my current job, as I have kind of stagnated in it and I want to be actually doing the job I am qualified to do, rather than something similar. I am going to start applying for a job this weekend, which is in the next city over from mine and easy to get to by public transport, so it is perfect. I work in Education, so my years tend to be half one, half the next. It's probably why New Years Eve does nothing for me. This one wouldn't start till September, so it would be great so I can finish the education year at my current workplace. Even if I don't get this one, I am going to really get into applying and getting that edge to get the interview.

2 - Read More
I love reading, but for some reason, 2014 was not a big year for me reading wise. I have still to finish Mockingjay, I just made it to up to where the first part of the movie cuts off. I'm going aim to read every night before bed and not reach for my magazines or my dvd player!

3 - Branch out with Food
I am beyond a creature of habit when it comes to food. I say I don't like things when I've never actually tried them and I always stick to the same meals and order the same things when I go out to eat. This year, I want to try things and not stop myself by thinking I don't like it when I don't know.

4 - Meet new people
I have only 2 very close friends and then the people I work with, but I'd rather have quality over quantity. Still, this year, I would like to do things where I could meet new people that share similar interest, or join some clubs for my interests.

5 - Finish writing a story
I love writing! I think it comes from my love of books and movies. I always have ideas for stories/books and while I often start them and outline them, I never finish them. So this year, I would like to complete one and you never know, this time next year, I might have a book out.

As a lover of nail polish, it is beyond annoying, that when my nails get a good length, they start to break. It's only certain nails. I currently have 3 long nails and 7 of other various sizes and lengths. This year, I want good nails!!

What are your resolutions or goals for 2015? Feel free to share them in comments or tweet me @prettyedu88.

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