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Reorganising Your Wardrobe

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Just after New Years, I decided it was time to tidy my wardrobe out. I usually do this twice a year, once in the Winter and once in the Summer. It is also usually by this point that my wardrobe in tending to look a bit of a mess after I have just thrown things in. I'm not going to lie - some times I put things on top of things that are on hangers. So for this weeks post, I thought I would share with you how I sort out my wardrobe or more to the point, my tips, because sometimes you might just not know where to start!

1 - Be Entertained
I can't begin to even start the Herculean task of tidying my wardrobe without some form of entertainment. I find that popping on a good tv boxset works best for me, usually something I have watched before like a comedy show (I watched Miranda while tidying mine). If you think that might be a bit distracting, a good shuffle on you iPod/MP3/Spotify will always work. A snack and a drink would also be a most for me, because I tend to find it hard to leave the room once I start. Not because I have to get the task finished but because I physically can't move. I'm a boxer-in!

2 - The Dump
The first thing I do is I literally just dump everything out of my wardrobe on the floor/bed/any available space! This just always works for me but I can see this driving some people insane. I don't put it in a massive pile, I do try to organise it by catergories. These are the categories I have in my wardrobe:

- Jackets
- Dresses/Fancy Clothes
- Cardigans
- Work Trousers
- Work Tops
- Hang Up Basics
- Sweaters/Hoodies/Jumpers
- Tops/T-shirts
- Jeans/Jeggings
- Fold Up Basics/Jogging Bottoms
- PJ's
- Older Clothes

It might seem like a lot of categories but it doesn't seem a lot when they are in their. I also keep my shoes and bags in my wardrobe. I also make sure to have all the clothes from the wash that have been iron/folded ready to go back in to. This is the perfect excuse to wear PJ's all day (like you really need an excuse!)

3- The Sort
Once I have the clothes sorted into their categories, I begin to put them back in. As I go through each section, I look at each item and think "DO I REALLY WANT THIS?". There are the obvious items that I know I'll want to keep, that go straight back in. But then there are those items that have sat in the wardrobe through numerous sorts that you still haven't worn, that you keep telling yourself that you'll wear AND YOU NEVER DO! I was very rufless this time, cause usually I procastonate like a bugger. Anything I hadn't worn in the past year went! Anything with tags still on went (unless i just bought it in the xmas sale of course). Anything that had lost it's shape badly, shrunk or just looked old went.

Most items I hang up in my wardrobe, then anything like PJ's, basic tops and jogging bottoms, I fold and put in the top section of my wardrobe. I'll admit right now I am the world's worst folder. I really want one of those folding boards that Sheldon has in the Big Bang Theory.

4- Say Goodbye
Once I have all the clothes I want to keep in the wardrobe, I then sort out the clothes/shoes that are going. If there are any clothes beyond repair or any white tops that have stained badly (you know exactly where I'm talking about), I put them in the bin. I tend to wear a lot of basic long and short sleeve white and black tops for work, under other clothes because Frozen is my life story - I am always cold. I also don't like low necks and they aren't suitable for all the bending down I do at work, so it is my compromise. I'll also admit right now I am a fiend for keeping clothes I really love even if they have lots of holes in to wear as PJ's. When you find something so comfy it is hard to say goodbye! Where possible, I put them in a clothes recycling bin, as with old shoes.

With any clothes that I just haven't worn or have worn but not anymore, I put these straight into a charity bag. We have lots of different charities that collect from our doorsteps where I live, but I also when possible try to drop it off at a shop. I just had a little too much to carry this time. I hate to admit, but some of the clothes I got rid of had been in my wardrobe through numerous sorts and still had the tags on or hadn't even been worn. I could have sold them, but if a charity can get some money for them, then why not. You can alternatively give them to a friend/relative of the same size.

5- Sit back and enjoy!
The most satifying bit is just looking at your lovely organised wardrobe. I won't lie, there are some old bits in the back of mine that arn't even clothes, but I'll settle cause you can't see them. I keep the shoes I wear all the time downstairs but in my wardrobe I keep my more night out or still to wear shoes on the bottom along with some bag. Any of my used bags or nicer bags, I keep at the back of the top part of my wardrobe. Then I have a nice sea of lovely organised clothes. I really like the Wilkinsons hangers, as clothes just stay put on them, because they have lots of options for putting clothes on and they are bloody cheap too (I think you get 16 or 20 for £2.50). Plus they are purple!

I hope these have been some handy tips for a wardrobe sort. I'd love to know if you have had a wardrobe sort this New Year, if you have any good tips and if you had any clothes based clothes lying in the crevices!!

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